Published On: Fri, Jan 9th, 2015

San Diego PR firm shocked when boa constrictor crawls out of toilet

Holly Wells and Stephanie Lacsa were in for the shock of a lifetime when they discovered a 5-foot boa contractor slithering out of their office toilet.

“Our building, which is the Old San Diego City Hall, was built in 1886 so we are accustomed to the old pipes and stubborn plumbing,” said Holly Wells, co-founder of Vertical PR + Marketing. “But we were definitely not prepared for this!”

It all started when Stephanie Lacsa, co-founder for Vertical PR + Marketing, noticed that the toilet water level was higher than usual in their private in-office restroom. Thinking quickly, she grabbed a toilet plunger and within a few moments of plunging, she noticed something emerging from the toilet bowl. “I thought my eyes were deceiving me,” Lacsa said. “But as soon I saw the flicker of its tongue, I definitely knew that it was in fact a large snake heading straight towards me.”

This boa crawled out of the toilet, shocking a PR firm in San Diego  photo supplied by Vertical PR

This boa crawled out of the toilet, shocking a PR firm in San Diego photo supplied by Vertical PR

Lacsa, who has a self-admitted aversion to snakes, stated “I ran out of the bathroom screaming louder than I’d like to admit and taped the door shut until the City of San Diego Animal Control arrived to wrangle the snake. The animal control officer said that she had never witnessed anything like this in her career. She referred to the incident as ‘The Stuff of Urban Legends’ and I would have to agree. This is every person’s worst nightmare!”

Shockingly, it’s not completely unusual for snakes and other creepy-crawly creatures like frogs, rats and spiders to find their way into the plumbing system. This is especially true in rural areas or old houses with stone foundations, which allow for spaces where animals can get through. But it is a true anomaly for a 5-foot boa constrictor to find it’s way into the toilet of a PR firm’s office building in downtown San Diego.

The boa constrictor, which was eventually captured by the City of San Diego Animal Control, was being transferred to a veterinarian for further care. Happy and relieved that the snake was gone, Wells stated, “The snake scared the living daylights out of us, but we truly hope he gets the care he needs and can be placed in a good home. And I also hope that the new owners of that home know to keep their toilet seat lids down.”

About Vertical PR + Marketing:

Vertical PR + Marketing is a San Diego public relations and marketing agency specializing in media relations, social media, creative services and strategic campaign creation. Vertical PR + Marketing doesn’t believe in a one- size-fits-all approach and partners with their clients to tailor each campaign to fit their specific needs. Vertical PR + Marketing strives to create upward (vertical) positive changes for their clients and unbeatable results. Learn more by visiting www.verticalpr.us.com.

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