Published On: Thu, Apr 30th, 2020

Sales Enablement: How Can This Help My Business

The hottest new trend in business sales is something you’ve probably never heard of before. Sales enablement is about aligning your people and your technology behind the common goal of sales success. Sales enablement tries to build an overarching theme in your sales department that aligns all of your goals into one easy to access place that is shared amongst everyone on the team. Wouldn’t it be nice to have your salespeople focused on actually making sales, rather than researching and compiling data? If this sounds like a goal your business would like to attain, please read ahead in our article titled Sales enablement: how can this help my business?

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Sales enablement is vital because it prepares salespeople to conduct a simpler sales process and achieve better sales results. The correct sales enablement strategy equips reps with the training, coaching and content they have to achieve success. Sales enablement is about people and technology, and strategically aligning them both behind a standard goal: sales successes. Sales enablement helps organizations align and quicken sales cycles by correcting buyer interactions with relevant sales content that is curated and personalized.  When done the right way, sales enablement has a measurable result on time spent selling, a streamlined process, and deal size. 

Hiring a sales enablement manager to lead the team is a great way to get fast results, and having a team leader will boost the efficiency of the entire department. But, what is a Sales Enablement Manager?  A sales enablement manager is someone who is the intermediary for the sales and marketing staff. This person’s main responsibility is to confirm that sales agents are well-resourced with the content, training, and knowledge of obtainable assets to actively work and finalize deals within the sales pipeline. This kind of support is also very critical to optimizing the customer’s lifetime value during the sales process.

Enablement isn’t a one-off initiative. It must be applied consistently and collaboratively to attain results. Although enablement affects revenue in a non-direct way, organizations with seasoned enablement disciplines have better performance numbers than organizations that lack an enablement practice. The goal of sales enablement is to feature value to the sales process by providing sellers and other customer-facing employees relevant insights whenever the customer interacts with the organization. These employees directly thrive in sales enablement, while managers make big improvements within the coaching process.

Sales enablement delivers an extremely compelling benefit – it allows an oversized number of salespeople to realize a quota in a very scalable, predictable, and repeatable fashion. Imagine being able to predict just how many sales you can rely on in a given month, or having the data to align your best salespeople where they can do the most good. With this information a good manager will be able to replicate the same circumstances that were experienced during a particularly good sales period, and then use that information to really optimize future sales, and close bigger deals. 

A good sales division is one with reps who are equipped to supervise each stage of the buyer’s journey. Some larger companies may additionally have a proper “sales effectiveness” function, which has responsibilities that may otherwise comprise a sales enablement or a sales ops team. The modern seller’s world is driven by data. But a relentless stream of data can overwhelm sales reps and hurt productivity. Sales enablement professionals create systems to form data as a real asset. This allows the transfer of pertinent information in real-time, arming your sales force with the facts and figures they need at any given moment. To sum things up, sales enablement is called the wave of the future for a reason, it is the single best asset to invest in for future returns across all of your business platforms. 

Author: Jacob Maslow

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