Published On: Sat, Nov 16th, 2019

Safety Tips for People Attending a Fun Fair You Are Hosting

Hosting a fun fair is an exciting idea. You will make your employees feel satisfied during the event. You also give them the opportunity to relax from work. The good thing about this event is that family members could take part. For employees who don’t spend time with their kids due to their work, it’s a chance to make up for the lost time. There are safety guidelines to follow to ensure that there will be no unwanted incidents.

photo/ Goh Rhy Yan

Make sure kids have supervision 

It’s a safety risk for kids to not have any supervision at all. Sometimes, parents end up having too much fun and they forget that they also have to take care of their kids. Rides could be dangerous, even the slow-moving ones. Kids shouldn’t try any of them without supervision. 

Heed the advice of operators

When operators tell you that the ride is unsafe for you or your kids, you have to heed the advice. It doesn’t matter if you’re eager to try it. You have to look for other rides to try. You might also think that the ride looks cool and easy, but you could get dizzy as soon as it starts. Besides, in fun fairs, there are plenty of options, and all of them are worth trying.

Express safety concerns 

If parents tried a ride that seemed to pose a risk, they need to explain it to the operators or other people running the fair. It’s also a good way to warn other parents to take care of their kids, or they could be at risk. Unless the problem gets solved, the ride might have to cease operation for a while. 

Height limit guide isn’t comprehensive

There are height limit guides available for every ride. However, they’re not comprehensive. Therefore, it’s crucial to remind your child to check the ride’s intensity first before giving it a go; otherwise, they might get dizzy even if they’re of the right height to try it. 

Bouncy castles aren’t always safe 

Bouncy castles might seem okay and kids love them. The problem is that children could bounce into each other. It could lead to sprains and fractures. Therefore, even in bouncy castles, parents have to be there to check what’s going on. There also needs to be an adult inside the castle to check on everyone. 

You need to emphasize these details before allowing kids to start enjoying the fun fair. If you decide to partner with a Fairground Hire company, you will also be responsible if something happens during the event. Therefore, you need to choose a reliable company to do the job. You also need to inform your employees about these safety tips before the day of the event. Fun fairs can be fun and there’s no need for any injuries to happen. You might also want to limit alcohol intake during the fun fair so that parents can focus on paying enough attention to their kids. 

Author: Jayce Redford

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