Published On: Sun, Sep 11th, 2016

S-Trip! Reviews How to be an Environmentally Conscious Traveler

Last year, when reports started to circulate about the abundance of human waste and garbage littering majestic Mount Everest, a light was shone on an issue few of us think about: namely, vacation waste.

If the 4,000 successful climbers and the countless others who have attempted the climb Mount Everest have reduced one of the world’s most notable destinations to a giant garbage dump, the question must be asked: what is happening to other highly trafficked tourist attractions?

Most of us can agree we wouldn’t want our favourite destinations in our cities and nations to be overrun with garbage.  However, few of us put much thought into how we pack and what we bring when we go on vacation.

photo Rdevany at the English Wikipedia

photo Rdevany at the English Wikipedia

Adopting green traveling practices is a lot easier than you think.  It just requires a little planning. Thinking green while on holiday can also save you money, which means in many ways you can book your next trip even faster.

When packing, remember to pack lightly. Light weight clothes made of breathable materials will serve you well during your trip and keep your luggage light. Lighter luggage minimizes additional charges and reduces the overall weight the plane, train or automobile has to carry, which in turn reduces emissions.

If you’re packing new items that you purchased in preparation for your trip, remove them from their cardboard and plastic packaging at home and recycle them. This also reduces overall weight.  More importantly, it prevents you from having to search for a recycling receptacle or program while on vacation.

Reducing your carbon footprint while flying internationally can be difficult, so make sure when you land you use public transportation to get around.  Using public transport is one of the best things you can do for the environment when traveling and it showcases parts of the city and community you may otherwise overlook.

Don’t forget, many places have bicycle rental programs for tourists. Why not get a little exercise in while seeing the sights and being environmentally conscious?

At the hotel, be mindful about the amount of waste you produce. As the World Wild Federations Green Travel Blog points out, “Recycle newspapers, magazines and your beverage containers (many can be returned for refunds), and reduce the number of bags, napkins and disposable cups you use when you eat fast food.”

Travel writer Laura Newcomer recommends travelers follow some simple practices to minimize energy use.

“Keep showers short, and shut off the water while brushing your teeth. Turn off the TV, lights, and heat or air-conditioning whenever you leave the room,” she writes. “If staying for multiple nights, reuse sheets and towels instead of having them washed and changed every day.”

Avoid expensive bottled water by packing a reusable water bottle in your luggage. If you are afraid of waterborne illnesses, there are a number of bottles on the market with built-in filtration systems.

Packing a reusable water bottle cuts down on waste, saves you money and is convenient in places without stores or restaurants.

Canadian student tourism provider S-Trip! recently implemented a company-wide water bottle policy at all of its national and international offices. The new program was designed with protecting the environment in mind, while also showcasing the ease and convenience of green thinking for their young travelers.

As part of the larger corporate mantra, ‘Leave Only Footprints’, S-Trip! is striving to have their student travelers impact the areas they visit as little as possible.

In order to teach these young vacationers about how to better protect the environment, S-Trip! also offers eco-conservation opportunities on every trip they embark on.  

Their work hasn’t gone unnoticed.

“The eco-garden S-Trip! volunteers constructed has been a wonderful addition to our shelter, directly contributing to our nutrition program,” reads an S-Trip! review featured on the website. “We are excited for them to visit again.”

The positive S-Trip! reviews from community leaders for the company’s eco-conservation work are also echoed by travelers who recount the experience as eye-opening and rewarding.

Traveling exposes us to new cultures and perspectives and is an enriching experience that shouldn’t come with the price tag of environmental destruction. By embracing green travel habits, you can travel knowing you are promoting conservation, care and awareness.

Author: Marie Ohanlon

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