Published On: Sat, Jul 17th, 2010

Ryan Seacrest: the most untalented, overpaid personality in entertainment, barely beating out Sean Hannity

When I first brought this idea up to Desk of Brian’s own pop culture guru, Brandon Jones, he immediately rebuked me and instead brought up names like Larry King (I agree to a certain extent since Larry is one of the worst interviewer on TV) and Lane Kiffin (though not technically in entertainment).

But I’m sticking to my guns, Ryan Seacrest tops my list for most overrated in entertainment.

Why? The man literally has no discernable talent, certainly not enough talent to be worth $51 million per year.

Between E! Television, American Idol, radio and even Bing, this guy pulls in a fortune with a little mindless banter and a non-threatening smile.

Seacrest is even quoted as saying an 11 year-old could do his job.

Even with his successes, Seacrest has had some dismal failures, not necessarily unusual in the entertainment business. However, some of the projects he’s worked on were absolutely horrible; Momma’s Boys and Denise Richards are two prime examples.

But I will give credit where credit is due. The man does work very hard and he seems to have a good business sense.

What will Seacrest’s next venture be? Some say taking over for the aforementioned Larry King (in which he has guest hosted before), others say filling in for Oprah’s spot (pretty big shoes).

The question still remains, is Seacrest really worth $51 million per annum? Evidently the market thinks so, but I guess I’ll never get it.

My runner-up: Sean Hannity. Again not technically in entertainment, he is not technically in news either. The Fox News neocon that makes a fortune slamming anyone with a (D) after their name and defends to the death anyone with an (R) after their name, has one of the most politically superficial opinion shows.

Just as a comparison, not an endorsement, Bill O’ Reilly is a better interviewer, Glenn Beck is more cutting edge with his research and then there’s Hannity; Republican good, Democrat bad, without much deeper analysis.

And his books are pure right wing fluff. It’s like all he knows are the most superficial of arguments in political discourse.

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