Published On: Tue, Apr 10th, 2018

Russia, Syrian government joined Alex Jones calling chemical attack a ‘false flag’

In the wake of a chemical weapons attack in Syria, Moscow has responded, calling the gas attack in Douma “alleged” and “fake news” aimed at justifying potential strikes against Syria.

The Russian Foreign Ministry denounced the latest reports as another example of a “continuous series of fake news about the use of chlorine and other chemical agents by the government forces.”

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“The goal of this… baseless speculation is to shield the terrorists and… the radical opposition that refuse to engage in a political settlement [process], as well as to justify potential military strikes from the outside,” the statement said. It then warned that any military interference in Syria conducted under “far-fetched or fabricated pretexts” would be “absolutely unacceptable” and could lead to “dire consequences.”

Accusations against the Syrian government and Russia have followed the attack.

In his Twitter posts, Trump declared “President [Vladimir] Putin, Russia and Iran… responsible” for the attack because of their backing for Syrian President Bashar Assad.

Earlier, the US State Department also said that “Russia ultimately bears responsibility for the brutal targeting of countless Syrians with chemical weapons.”

Russia led the way for a destruction of chemical weapons back in 2013.

The EU claimed on Sunday that there is “evidence” pointing to “another chemical attack” conducted by Damascus. Damascus rejected the accusations, calling them “boring and inconclusive propaganda.”

Only countries that “speculate on the blood of civilians and support terrorism in Syria” could be convinced by such reports, a Syrian Foreign Ministry official told SANA news agency.

They pointed out that similar allegations emerge every time the Syrian Army makes advances in its fight against terrorists. The official added that Damascus had warned about a pre-planned false-flag attack.

Alex Jones echoed the Assad regime and called the chemical attack a “false flag” launched by Syrian rebel forces that was meant to keep the U.S. and other world powers engaged in Syria’s civil war.

“It has every hallmark of a false flag. And why does it have every hallmark of a false flag? The Russians have announced they’re pulling out a month ago, the United States announces it’s going to pull out a week ago—President Trump. The globalists openly want to keep us there and break the country into three parts. This is a big, big deal,” Jones said.

He added, “It’s so obvious that they’re trying to suck us into a war.”

Infowars editor-at-large Paul Joseph Watson also uploaded his own video defending the Assad regime from accusations that it was behind the chemical attacks in Douma.

“With the Syrian army and Russia on the verge of defeating ISIS and jihadist rebels in the town of Douma, they launch a massive chemical weapons attack that brings global condemnation, inviting massive U.S. airstrikes across the country and we’re just supposed to swallow this entire narrative without question,” Watson said. “No. That’s insane.”

Watson took a second to clarify that he believed the attack did happen and that people did actually die before he claimed that “it makes absolutely no sense for the Russians or Syrians to be behind this attack.”

“Why does almost every chemical weapon attack happen when the Syrian army is about to close in on a rebel stronghold? And what’s the evidence here? Unverified footage from the White Helmets—a group with direct links to the very jihadist groups that benefit from this chemical weapons attack,” Watson said.

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