Published On: Mon, Apr 8th, 2013

Rush Limbaugh gives teenage caller an iPad when he says after learning global warming is a hoax from a public library book

On his radio show, Rush Limbaugh was excited to find a 13-year-old caller who discovered “lots of evidence” that global warming is a hoax. 13-year-old Alex from Wilmington, Indiana said evidence he discovered at his local library made it “really easy” to disprove the science.

Rush Limbaugh donkeyhotey“Where did you find this evidence? How hard was it for you to research,” Rush asked the boy.

“It wasn’t that hard to learn it,” Alex responded. “There is pretty much a lot of evidence that you can find. I personally just went to the local library and looked up books. That’s what I did.”

Alex didn’t name the book he found, but there are many books that deny man-made climate change. According to Dr. Riley Dunlap, of Oklahoma State University, and Peter Jacques, of the University of Central Florida, most are linked to conservative think tanks.

Dunlap and Jacques published their research ‘Climate Change Denial Books and Conservative Think Tanks: Exploring the Connection’ in the journal American Behavioural Scientist.

“I guarantee you there are people who heard that call that want to find out where that library is that he found evidence of the hoax of global warming, so they can tell the authorities about it,” Limbaugh told his listeners after talking with Alex.

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Limbaugh was so impressed — and genuinely shocked — that climate denier books exist at the library, he offered the kid an iPad. Here is an excerpt of the exchange:

RUSH: You mean…? Hold it just second. Alex, you’re at the health food store, and it’s cold out there. It’s March. You’re there in March, it’s cold, and two people in there are surprised that it’s cold because it’s global warming outside?

CALLER: Exactly.

RUSH: And they still concluded, “Well, we’re still in global warming”?


RUSH: But they were shocked. This is hilarious. You know, Alex, there are none so blind as those who will not see, and that’s what you’re running up against. Where did you find this evidence? How hard was it for you to research?

CALLER: It wasn’t that hard to learn it. There is pretty much a lot of evidence that you can find. I personally just went to the local library and looked up books. That’s what I did.

RUSH: You went to the library?


RUSH: You didn’t use a computer?

CALLER: No, I didn’t. Well, yeah, my mom got me one article from the computer. Yeah.

RUSH: Wow. I’m surprised you find evidence of this at the library. That’s heartening. Why did you want to do this? What made you doubt the people who believe that there’s global warming?

CALLER: Well, over the radio we listen to different things. I’ve heard lots of evidence that man-made global warming is a hoax. And since I’m doing speeches, I thought it was a very interesting topic. I want to learn more about this. I guess I just always doubted that. There’s so much evidence that global warming is not man-made.

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  1. foodstamper says:

    My old lady works for a library. When it comes to information, right or wrong, they’re the most open people out there. Maybe somebody should let Rush Limbaugh know that his books are there.

    Want to learn something useful? Go to the library.
    Want to fill your mind with garbage? Go to the library.

    From her experience, it’s always wingnuts like Limbaugh that demand censorship or book banning.

  2. NicTesla says:

    Why were you learning about climate science in a geography class?

  3. gimp says:

    Eerily enough I had a similar problem with a Comp Sci prof in 2009–he wasted an entire lecture on one occasion and regularly diverted from his materials to rattle on about the glories of Anthony Watts’ latest blog post, or how the Climategate “trick” pull-quote was evidence of something of somekind, etc. In one case, he even sent out a mass email to the class highlighting a Watts’ blog post that he thought was exceptionally informative (of course already well-debunked for anyone who tries to look for information that doesn’t confirm their preconceived views), and I authored but never sent a lengthly reply highlighting responses from people who actually have an education in climatology that noted Watts’ systematic errors and omissions. Alas, I had already learned from direct experience by then that publically disagreeing with a tenured prof on some unrelated skepticism-oriented topic that they were uneducated about was not necessarily a productive endeavour. It was a stark reminder that even very smart, well educated people (the prof in question certainly was astoundingly expert in the technological underpinnings of an operating system) can be very, very wrong when they incorrectly assume their own expertise grants them insights that actual experts missed when they have not themselves taken the time to gain a foundation in the field.

  4. gateway says:

    Limbaugh laughs his way to the bank. He’s an entertainer, like Bill Maher. Not a serious political pundit. He’s the shock jock of political news. He says and does whatever his listeners already agree with. Anyone who knows him personally knows that he doesn’t even agree with most of the shit he’s saying. You have to realize, his listeners are going to believe what they believe no matter what. If they thought he became a RINO (Republican in name only – aka a liberal,) they would stop listening to him and flock to Hannity, etc.
    If anything, Limbaugh is a capitalist who is sucking billions of dollars from Republicans by selling them shit they don’t need.

  5. doppleganger says:

    I had to take a geography class in college, and the professor was about 80 years old, tenured I assume. Most of the lectures were about how global warming is a hoax, but he did provide citations on every slide. The entire semester, the most recent citation I saw the entire semester was 1995. This was around 2007. Those are the kind of “scientists” who don’t “believe in” global warming.

  6. Rush is a Band says:

    Well isn’t that SPECIAL?

    Rush L. is a disgrace to Geddy, Alex and Neil!

  7. NuclearShadow says:

    Well there you go, a 13 year old kid saying global warming isn’t real after claiming to read a unnamed book is damning evidence. And here I was trusting adults with scientific backgrounds in the many fields that massively all lead to the conclusion that it is real.

    Oh how foolish of me, I should have just went to the nearest child and asked them what they think. A cold day in March clearly disproves global warming, just like the lack of a hurricane right now clearly disproves hurricanes.

    We live in a world where people like Rush will stomp and scream about a non-issue like equality despite sexual orientation. But when we face a real problem, a problem that should unite all people world wide. He and people like him simply deny the problem. No matter what evidence is presented, no matter how dire the need to address it.

  8. Fill says:

    A bit ironic to give out a technological device built on science to a child as a reward for trying to debunk global warming who can’t name sources or evidence.

  9. curtis says:

    Rush Limbaugh is a hoax. He’s trying to pass himself off as a human being.

  10. thomas says:

    I just got a chill up the deepest,most dreaded part of my spine.

  11. Feldman says:

    He should be charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

  12. Daniel says:

    Well my 12 year old neighbor says global warming is a hoax too. He swears up and down that it’s a hoax. He must be right!

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  14. Kent says:

    This is how climate science deniers think. That a 13 year old boy could pick up a couple books from a library and disprove something that thousands of credentialed scientists have made a life out of studying. Because that’s how the world works, right?

  15. Americans' Concerns About Global Warming on the Rise - Gallup.com · Sync Dating and Sync Date - Real Online DatingSync Dating and Sync Date – Real Online Dating says:

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  16. Scott Kilburn says:

    Firstly, Rush Limbaugh is a douche. Secondly, Rush Limbaugh is a douche.

  17. Rush Lamebro says:

    I think it’s great that Rush is using 13 yr olds with vague references to reading it in books to prove he’s right.

    Good work Rush!

  18. xiromisho says:

    Because clearly, the cold in one location cannot be caused by a shift in the weather patterns as the world’s average temperature rises, but rather if it’s cold in one location then clearly it’s not getting warmer anywhere else. Oh course! If only we had listened to this 13-year old before!

    Or it’s just more likely he’s spouting the rhetoric of his parents and hasn’t discovered the existence of the word “Biased” yet.

    IF Global Warming didn’t exist then why is the ice melting in places where ice hasn’t melted in 1,600 years? IF it didn’t exist why are storms growing stronger and more frequent in area’s that normally do not frequent such storms?

    And even IF, as Rush says, there’s a conspiracy out there with Global Warming to “force” green alternatives on us… why is that bad? Even if there was some conspiracy out there it’s a “Conspiracy” to get us on renewable energy and off fossil fuels controlled by (And giving power to, mind you) countries that train or ally themselves with our enemies?

    Why is Renewable energy bad? From what I’ve heard it’s bad because: “SOMEONE’S MAKING MONEY!” – OMG! Those Greedy Bastards! They’re out there making money off of energy! That’s terrible! Quickly, someone tell George W. Bush and Dick Chaney! People are making money off of energy out there! They’re evil and – wait the Bush’s own oil fields and Halliburton is a major energy company? Oh… wait, so I’m confused… what’s the problem with Green Energy again?

    When even the reasons behind said conspiracy result in a net good what is the point aside from stirring up ratings?

    Considering that now Rush is taking the scholarly advice of 13-year olds I think it’s just nice to seem that Rush has an intellectual equal on his show.

  19. Majestic says:

    My local library carries also a copy of Hitler’s Mein Kempf which postulates the existence of the “jewish peril”. Guess if it’s in the library, it must be true…

  20. Jim Kendall says:


  21. michael miljour says:

    Rush Limbaugh is an egotistical old man.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Right! I knew those nerdy Frankentists were lying. Just like Galileo that SOB. Takes a kid to set us straight. Rush, you’re my intellectual hero. Now let’s get those UN black helicopters.

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