Published On: Tue, Sep 27th, 2011

Ron Perlman talks ‘Hellboy 3’, new ‘Beaty and the Beast’ project

With Crave Online, Ron Perlman discussed many of his projects (Sons of Anarchy, Drive) before answering the inquiry about another chapter in the “Hellboy” franchise.

Q:Let me just ask this, because I have to. There’s been some rumors going around that ‘Hellboy 3’ might not actually happen. Are you still up for that?

I would be up for it. Practically speaking, Guillermo’s about to start a rather magnanimous production, Pacific Rim, and that’s going to take up at least two, three years of his life. I won’t say how old I’ll be when he’s finally finished with that, but with every passing day the chances of Hellboy 3 happening are a little bit dimmer. But I have not given up hope.

Q:I don’t know if you heard, but apparently they’re redoing ‘Beauty and the Beast.’

Yeah, some people have been kind of forwarding me these blurbs, these announcements, because they think I’m kind of interested.

Q:Are you?

No, I’m not. I’m not interested. That’s so far in the rearview mirror. It was a phenomenal experience, but it was twenty years ago. Twenty-one years ago [that] the show got cancelled, so why would I be interested in anything that’s happening with it these days?

Q: You were great in that series…

Yeah, I’m very proud of the work that everybody did. I’m very proud that it was unlike anything anyone had seen before on television, and that something as esoteric and frail as that concept was able to exist in primetime, in kind of a mainstream, conventional manner. I’m very proud of that. But I’ve moved on.

Q: You do seem to have moved on, but you still seem to do a fair amount of work under a lot of makeup. Have you got used to that at all?

Some of the great characters that I’ve played had to be transformational. Characters more abstract than real, monstrous, or inventions like The Beast, like the Cave Man, like the hunchback that speaks seven languages in one sentence. So I’ll never reject the idea that great work can come out of working behind the mask, but it’s very exacting, and it takes a lot out of you, just in terms of you’ve got to invest four hours before you get a chance to go to the set and work. And I think that’s something that I have to do more sparingly these days, because I’m not as young as I used to be. I can’t take as much abuse as I used to take.

Read the full interview: http://www.craveonline.com/film/interviews/175034-ron-perlman-on-bunraku-drive-and-hellboy-3

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