Published On: Thu, Jan 6th, 2011

Ron Perlman interview: talks ‘Season of the Witch’ ‘Conan’ and ‘Hellboy 3’

Ron Perlman fights alongside Nicolas Cage in “Season of the Witch” and the “Hellboy” star is slated for “At the Mountains of Madness” and a third installment of the “Hellboy” saga.

In the interview with io9 Perlman begins by discussing working on “Season of the Witch” with Nic Cage: “Well, first and foremost it was a Nicolas Cage movie. I’m a total fanboy when it comes to his body of work. There isn’t a more original and unique actor in the world right now, I think. He’s not like anyone else. He brought this kind of wide-eyed magic to so many other roles over the course of time. I knew he was involved in the project before I read the script. Then when I started reading the script, and realized what they were asking me to do, which was be his best pal and comrade in arms. We make our way through this whole journey shoulder-to-shoulder and we have this wonderful rapport. We’ve both looked into the jaws of death a million times.”

Christopher Lee joins Cage and Perlman on “Witch” and even with Perlman’s resume, working with Lee left the star somewhat awestruck: “I think being in the room with Christopher Lee as he’s in the throes of his last moments, as he’s being consumed by the plague. It’s not enough for me to just see something that’s grotesque, but when it’s juxtaposed against something that has as much dignity as Christopher Lee brings to the party, then it’s quite moving and quite compelling.”

Guillermo Del Toro’s “At the Mountains of Madness” will be begin production will a part written just for Perlman, a character not in the original HP Lovecraft story. Perlman says:

” I’m a rough guy, among all these scientists. I’m a contrast to the deeply intellectual world that’s being explored. I live outside all the time, I live in the elements. I’m a no-bullshit kind of guy in a world of guys who just live in their heads. So it’s a beautiful role to play, given that backdrop. I kick some butt I hope we get a chance to do it.”

Hellboy 3?

“All you have to do is convince to Guillermo to say yes to making the movie.”

All of fandom has heard del Toro blame delays on Perlman: “Yeah he’s blaming me and I’m blaming him. I know it’s kind of like Laurel and Hardy, Martin and Lewis, or Abbott and Costello. Hellboy 2 was not an easy shoot. Both of us walked away very tired and very beat up. But a lot of time [has passed] and lot of water has gone under the bridge, I’m well healed — and just knowing what his idea was for the third installment of the trilogy and how epic and theatrical and powerful a film it would be, it’s got to be made. I really feel like its got to be made. It would be a great disservice to the first two films if you don’t see how they wind up.”

On the “Hellboy 3” story: “The only thing I can share with you is we have this demon who is a victim of this Oracle, which is not negotiable. He’s been summoned to the Earth for the destruction of mankind, and that’s non-negotiable. This whole notion that his nature, is the demon of destruction — against the way he’s been nurtured by his father, John Hurt’s character, to be kind and in the service of mankind. Those things are going to be in play in the third one. Then of course you have Liz pregnant with twins at the end of the second film. So you don’t know what those two offspring are going to be? Are they going to be more human? Are they going to be more demon? Are they going to be a combination of the two? And how is that going to play out, in terms of Hellboy’s destiny. Which I say again is non-negotiable. So that’s the backdrop for the third film. And everything will be resolved, all these open-ended questions will finally be resolved. I don’t know how, he didn’t give me those details. But that’s the backdrop for it.”

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