Published On: Mon, Jul 1st, 2013

Ron Paul warns of the dangers of E-verify


The  “security” measure  highly touted by Senators like John McCain and others involved in the recently passed immigration bill in the Senate is defined by the US Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) as follows:

E-Verify is an Internet-based system that compares information from an employee’s Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification, to data from U.S. Department of Homeland Security and Social Security Administration records to confirm employment eligibility.

Sounds pretty benign?

Not so fast says former Texas Congressman Ron Paul in today’s “Texas Straight Talk”.

Photo/US Congress

Photo/US Congress

Paul lists the cornucopia of government surveillance that is being revealed recently–massive NSA spying, IRS targeting of the administration’s political opponents and collection and sharing of our health care information as part of Obamacare..

However, Dr. Paul says we can add E-verify to the list of “assaults on our privacy”.

“Buried in the immigration bill is a national identification system called mandatory E-Verify”, he says.

“The Senate did not spend much time discussing E-Verify, and what little discussion took place was mostly bipartisan praise for its effectiveness as a tool for preventing illegal immigrants from obtaining employment. It is a tragedy that mandatory E-Verify is not receiving more attention, as it will impact nearly every American’s privacy and liberty.”

He continues, “The mandatory E-Verify system requires Americans to carry a “tamper-proof” social security card. Before they can legally begin a job, American citizens will have to show the card to their prospective employer, who will then have to verify their identity and eligibility to hold a job in the US by running the information through the newly-created federal E-Verify database.

“The database will contain photographs taken from passport files and state driver’s licenses. The law gives federal bureaucrats broad discretion in adding other “biometric” identifiers to the database. It also gives the bureaucracy broad authority to determine what features the “tamper proof” card should contain.”

The “offensive” program that will require, in essence, people to ask permission from the federal government before taking a job.

Paul warns, “Under this system, many Americans will be denied the opportunity for work. The E-Verify database will falsely identify thousands as “ineligible,” forcing many to lose job opportunities while challenging government computer inaccuracies.

“E-Verify will also impose additional compliance costs on American businesses, at a time when they are struggling with Obamacare implementation and other regulations.”

Then is is the potential of the government using E-Verify for purposes unrelated to work verification.

“So it is not inconceivable that, should this bill pass, the day may come when you are not be able to board an airplane or exercise your second amendment rights without being run through the E-Verify database. It is not outside the realm of possibility that the personal health care information that will soon be collected by the IRS and shared with other federal agencies as part of Obamacare will also be linked to the E-Verify system”, Paul says.

Sound familiar?

In 2001, people like Ron Paul were trumpeting the warnings of the Patriot Act and we know how that turned out.

Ron Paul still warns Americans about the dangers of trusting government with this type of power saying, “All Americans who still care about limited government and individual liberty should strongly oppose E-Verify.”


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  1. Ron Paul warns of the dangers of E-verify | New... says:

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  2. Scott D ' Ambrose says:

    For the goverment to break into our private lives with widewpread surveillance it begs the question: Are we the American people the enemy of the government or is the government the enemy of the people. Therefore, we must ask is that such unconstitutional meassures taken for our goverment interests or their government interests?

  3. Scott D' Ambrose says:

    The masss media and congress are the most untrustworthy institutions of America in that they are part of a culture of lying. I do not believe most of what I read in the press and none of the government reports for public consumption; in fact my advice is to believe the opposite what is put out there.

  4. Scott D' Ambrose says:

    We need more men like Dr. Ron Paul in government, but the stooges of Main St media kept him out of the presidency. Furthermore, guys like Sen. John McCaine, a puppet of Israel, is a wolf in sheep’s garb along with his partners in the Main St. media who censor Dr. Paul’s warnings for the benefit of the American people.

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