Published On: Sun, Jan 27th, 2013

Ron Paul talks ‘blowback’,advises against U.S. intervention in Africa and saying it would be ‘foolish’

With all the chaos brewing around the world–whether it be Egypt, Syria, Libya, Algeria, Mali or elsewhere, former Congressman Ron Paul told  Neil Cavuto on his TV program recently, “all these problems we have, makes my case clear, that we should have followed the Founders advice of staying out of the entangling alliances and staying out of the internal affairs of other nations, mind our own business and save a dollar now and then cause we’re flat out broke”.

Ron Paul on House floor

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As things get progressively worse around the world, particularly in areas of northern Africa, the calls are getting louder for US involvement as Mr. Cavuto points out. Do we do anything about the very mobile terrorists? Cavuto asks, “Do we just let them brazening grow unobstructed”?

Why do we have this problem? Do they just hate Americans for their freedom or other reasons? Or is there truly an issue of “blowback”, a term coined by the Central Intelligence Agency and written about extensively by such experts as Michael Scheurer and the late Dr. Chalmers Johnson, that haunts the US?

Is it because we are over there? Is it because innocents are killed anonymously with drones that are operated hundreds, perhaps thousands of miles away?

The terrorism issue continues to grow and expand and will likely expand even further over time, much of it based on anti-American sentiments. We were warned by the likes of Dr. Paul and similar thinkers.

Remember the 2007 Republican Presidential primary debate when Paul talked of blowback only to the chastised by former NYC Mayor Rudy Guiliani?

Guiliani, playing to the Republican/Fox News crowd may of thought he got the best of the good doctor at that moment in time; however, I ask, when Ron Paul said in that debate, “if we ignore that [blowback], we  ignore that at our own risk”, is history showing Paul to be correct?

What are your thoughts?


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  1. Richard Haydn says:

    As a reasonable person that enjoys the study of history I am not very optimistic but will continue to try and educate. It is glaringly obvious that The Dems are the supporters of “Big Welfare” and the Rebubs are supporters of “Big Military”. And in reality they both support big spending on everything. Liberty minded people are stuck in the middle. We are not one of the two teams on the field at this point. Having come of age during the Vietnam War, I cannot believe the number of young people I talk to that think never ending war is GOOD! Why how else can the economy be kept afloat? It just takes my breathe away. On the other side, I met my newest tenant on his job site, painting vacant apartments. He told me he was trying to get disability because he has epilepsy and can’t work a “regular” job. Apparently he CAN work. But the race to get on disability is only heating up. And the liberals in their ivory towers keep talking about the poor while the republicans are stuck on stupid. What a mess.

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  3. C4LCNCPLS says:

    Dr Paul is right. The Islamist terrorist won’t even have to come to America to bring this country down because they know they can break our bank by starting fires around the world and the foolish U.S. will throw more troops and money at them eventually causing the financial collapse of this nation.

  4. Jeff Wright says:

    I laid out the answer in a 400-page book that answers this question definitively and decidedly, “The Citizen’s Last Stand” in kindle and print versions on Amazon:


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  7. scottminer says:

    You just can’t question the actions of the US overseas operations or intentions and get elected. Guiliani knew he would have the overwhelming majority on his side for attacking Paul at that time in the dabate. Individuals are smart but people are stupid. Paul was/is right, but Guiliani had the people in his corner. Things will never change if we can’t accept that we can be wrong and misguided, because our foreign policy is dead wrong.

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