Published On: Wed, Dec 19th, 2012

Ron Paul: ‘Right to work laws simply prohibit coercion’

Ron Paul on House floor

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A week after the “nexus of the labor movement” in the United States, Michigan, became the 24th state to adopt right-to-work laws, big union is formulating a plan to have the law overturned so it can use it’s old tactics to extract mandatory dues from workers as a condition for employment.

However, Texas Congressman Ron Paul  says it so clearly,  “right to work laws simply prohibit coercion”. It prevents force, it prevents compulsion. It neutralizes federal laws that support such activities. Exactly why union bosses despise it so.

Paul details exactly why Right-to-work is good for workers, freedom and economic prosperity in his latest “Texas Straight Talk” Tuesday.

He dispels some of the myths about right to work laws–they do not prevent unions from bargaining collectively with employers. Also, they do not prevent individuals from forming or joining unions if they believe it will benefit them.

Instead, they let the individual determine which is best for them.

Dr. Paul goes over a plethora of benefits seen from right to work states.

He explains:

“States with right to work laws enjoy greater economic growth and a higher standard of living than states without such laws. According to the National Institute for Labor Relations Research, from 2001-2011 employment in right to work states grew by 2.4%, while employment in union states fell by 3.4%! During the same period wages rose by 12.5% in right to work states, while rising by a mere 3.1% in union states. Clearly, “Right to Work” is good for business and labor.”

He later talks about the influence of the federal government on unions and vice versa and the laws produced:

“Federal laws forcing employees to pay union dues as a condition of getting or keeping a job are blatantly unconstitutional. Furthermore, Congress does not have the moral authority to grant a private third party the right to interfere in private employment arrangements.”

Ron Paul closes his “Talk” with a dose of economic reality:

“Unions’ dirty little secret is that real wages cannot rise unless productivity rises. American workers cannot improve their standard of living simply by bullying employers with union tactics. Instead, employers, employees, and unions must recognize that only market mechanisms can signal employment needs and wage levels in any industry. Profits or losses from capital investment are not illusions that can be overcome by laws or regulations; they are real-world signals that directly affect wages and employment opportunities. Union advocates can choose to ignore reality, but they cannot overcome the basic laws of economics.”




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