Published On: Tue, Jan 8th, 2013

Ron Paul points out the ‘shenanigans’ of Congress and the ‘fiscal cliff’ vote

Libertarian Party Chair, Geoffrey J. Neale asked in an Open Letter Tuesday:

On New Year’s Day, what did Big Government politicians actually vote for?

They voted to rip you off an average of $800 a year MORE — a 2 percent increase in your Social Security payroll tax. While they bragged that they were doing you a favor.

They raised a pile of other taxes as well, including taxes on estates, higher incomes, investment income, health care, and businesses.

While raising taxes, they refused to cut a dime from this year’s government spending. They didn’t even allow their phony future spending cuts to stand.

But they did slip into the deal loads of new federal spending, adding even more to this year’s $1.3 TRILLION deficit.

What is possibly just as reprehensible is how they went about it.

Photo/US Congress

Photo/US Congress

In his Jan. 7 “Texas Straight Talk”, retired Congressman, Dr. Ron Paul tells us why Congress is so loathed, so much so that cockroaches are found to be more popular.

Paul says this is how things went down in the wee hours a week ago:

“The 154 page “fiscal cliff” bill was made available to Senators just three minutes before the vote was taken on the legislation. No one can read 154 pages in three minutes, so it is safe to assume that the legislation was passed without being read.”

However, the Senate wasn’t alone in not abiding with their responsibility. Paul says similar shenanigans happened in the House:

“Then the House brought the lengthy and complicated bill to a vote just 22 hours after the text had been available, meaning a full reading of the legislation was not likely possible. This was a clear violation of the “three day rule” adopted by the 112th Congress, which in the name of transparency ordered the House to make legislation available to the public a full three days before a Floor vote.”

Article 1, Section 7 of the US Constitution clearly states that “All bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives,” but as has been done many times, the Senate simply attached its bill to an existing House bill and claimed that this Constitutional requirement had been satisfied.

If the process was dishonest and unconstitutional, the content of the bill was even worse, Paul said.

Dr. Paul goes on to explain who actually benefited from this “rescue legislation” (hint: it wasn’t the American taxpayer as Mr. Neale so eloquently stated above.

Special tax deals were given to politically connected corporations and Hollywood while the rest of us…well you know the rest.

Last week’s last minute deal was the worst of both worlds: higher taxes on nearly all Americans now and a promise to begin thinking about modest cuts in spending growth two months down the road, Paul said.

He closes by saying, “I have little hope that a majority of Congress and the President will change their ways and support real spending reductions. Fortunately, increasing numbers of Americans are awakening to the dangers posed by the growth of the welfare-warfare state. Hopefully this movement will continue to grow and force the politicians to reverse course before government spending, taxing, and inflation destroys our economy entirely.”


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