Published On: Mon, Sep 17th, 2012

Ron Paul criticizes ‘Libya fiasco’ and Syrian chaos, but offers no solutions

 Many anti-war supporters and Libertarians look to Presidential candidate Ron Paul for a statement regarding the attacks on US Embassies around the Middle East.

Paul penned an article titled The Libya Fiasco and the Folly of Intervention for The Hill, but may have fallen short of appealing to supporters seeking solutions.

Ron Paul on House floor

You Tube screen shot

The Texas Rep cites “blowback” as the source of the upheaval in the Middle East and these attacks appear to be nothing different, Paul states.

“…another tragic example of how our interventionist foreign policy undermines our national security. The more the U.S. tries to control the rest of the world, either by democracy promotion, aid to foreign governments, or by bombs, the more events spin out of control into chaos, unintended consequences, and blowback.

While spinning the timeline from the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan to 9/11 through the 2003 invasion of Iraq, Paul details the backfires of intervention in these Islamic regimes, choosing one side over another.

“The problem is that we do not know and we cannot know enough about these societies we are seeking to remake. We never try to see through the eyes of those we seek to liberate. Libya is in utter chaos, the infrastructure has been bombed to rubble, the economy has ceased to exist, gangs and militias rule by brutal force, the government is seen as a completely illegitimate and powerless U.S. puppet. Is anyone really shocked that the Libyans do not see our bombing their country as saving it from destruction?”

The GOP nominee Mitt Romney and President Obama exchange barbs over the US Embassy attacks, the responses and attack each other on political motivation. Ron Paul is quick to say the answer lies in a philosophical change to the US foreign policy.

The death toll in Afghanistan is at 575 during Bush’s era in Afghanistan, but with the repeated escalations of President Obama 1,153 troops have already died in just 33 months, with no end in sight. (October 2011 figures) The three deadliest years have occurred recently, NOT under President Bush: The deadliest year was 2010, when 497 U.S. service personnel gave their lives in Afghanistan. The second deadliest year was 2011, when 399 U.S. service personnel gave their lives in Afghanistan. And the third deadliest year was 2009, when 303 U.S. service personnel gave their lives in Afghanistan. (Source)

“We must finally abandon the interventionist impulse before it is too late.”

Many likeminded libertarians point to this intervention to explain the violence from the Middle East and a hated towards the US, but the Muhammad video would or could have still been made. Many are then left wondering what Dr. Paul feels is the appropriate response to these actions against American soils on these foreign lands.


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