Published On: Tue, Nov 17th, 2015

Rolling Stone on GOP ‘clown car’: within the ‘mental incompetents,’ ‘none can win’

The Rolling Stone article covering the GOP candidates surely sets aside any efforts to be objective or not be in the tank for Democrats as writer Matt Taibbi opens “Not one of them can win, but one must. That’s the paradox of the race for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination, fast becoming the signature event in the history of black comedy.”

While they are not alone with their “clown car” designation, Taibbi says that “Disaster could be averted if Americans on both the left and the right suddenly decide to be more mature about this, neither backing obvious mental incompetents, nor snickering about those who do. But that doesn’t seem probable.”

The expert advice and perspective comes from his trip to New Hampshire, a state which President Obama won twice and John Kerry won in 2008. Treated as a “toss up” state, The Granite State went for Bush in 2000 after Bill Clinton won twice. The voters were primarily Republican supporters for president back in the Reagan era…and before. (details here)

Donald Trump  photo/ donkeyhotey

Donald Trump photo/ donkeyhotey

The analysis aptly probes into the failings of Jeb Bush, touching on the move away from “moderate” candidates and contrasting the former Florida governor with a Donald Trump visit: “Trump would have killed a moment like this, delivering some dog-whistle-ready line about gathering up all the dealers by their hoodies and shooting them into space with all of the child molesters. Who cares if it makes sense? This is the Clown Car.”

Taibbi stays in New Hampshire, says Marco Rubio comes to town, but his “speech is a total nothingburger, full of worn clichés about America being an ‘exceptional country,’ where people are nonetheless living ‘paycheck to paycheck’ and wondering if ‘achieving [the American dream] is still possible.’

“But he’s so slick, he could probably sell a handful of cars at every speech. His main pitch is his Inspirational Personal Tale™. As he’s told it, he’s the son of refugees from Fidel Castro’s Cuba (actually, they left Cuba before Castro, but whatever) who rose from nothing to reach the U.S. Senate, where he was eventually able to draw a $170,000 paycheck despite a brilliant Office Space-style decision to not quit, exactly, but simply not go to work anymore. Which is pretty sweet.”

The same could be said about Bernie Sanders or the woman with a temporary stay from the Clinton Foundation.

Rubio’s spending, Carly Fiorina on Planned Parenthood, Kasich being an empty suit are the author showing the liberal playback and then Carson is bashed as “…the guy who overdoes the “before” portion of his evangelical testimony, telling tall tales about running with biker gangs or participating in coke orgies (this is always taking place somewhere like Lubbock or suburban Topeka) before discovering Jesus.”

It’s a great look at how Democrats see the GOP and why they will never vote for anyone on the right – take a gander for yourself: click here

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