Rolling Stone exploits Alex Morris’ miscarriage to defend Planned Parenthood

In the latest effort of the leftists in America against pro-lifers, the liberal Rolling Stone assigned Alex Morris to attend the Ohio vote on defunding Planned Parenthood. Morris was “in the midst of having a miscarriage,” according to the painful confession of Morris herself.

Her article echoes the deranged efforts to defund the abortion mill, outed in the Center For Medical Progress videos as having little regard for women’s health, caring more about their power as the largest abortion provider in America.

Morris describes the CMP clips as “entirely discredited videos,” overlooking the apparent abuses of handling fetal tissue, the possible profiteering off of the aborted remains and confirmation of the horror stories mused by former Planned Parenthood workers.

Planned Parenthood supporters at protest 2011 photo/S. MiRK via wikimedia commons

Planned Parenthood supporters at protest 2011 photo/S. MiRK via wikimedia commons

Nothing matters here except blasting those who oppose abortion, defunding PP and those evil pro-lifers voting in Ohio. Morris compares a D&C to an abortion: “…a procedure that in other circumstances is known as an abortion,” a complete manipulation of the readers in an attempt to normalize an abortion as a regular procedure.

She skirts adding the LIVE BABY into the equation while making the watered down link.

I want to be clear: I, like most pro-lifers, are NOT anti-choice, we are advocates against you killing the living baby inside of you.

All of the attacks against ultrasound bills, adoption brochures and the support of Planned Parenthood have revealed one thing: you, Mrs. Morris, Rolling Stone and other leftist are in fact, PRO-ABORTION.

To Mrs. Morris and others: The organism is not a piece of tissue to be excised or carelessly D&C’ed away. It has a unique DNA and characteristics from the rest of your body, which you care so much about. It’s cell division, energy consumption and beating heart is separate from yours, linked….but still very unique and independent.

Back during the Clinton administration, the phrase “safe, legal and rare” satisfied many of the concerns we had, but in 2016 that is NOT the case. Democratic Presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton stumble over themselves to not sound like there should be ANY restrictions on an abortion.

I don’t want “TRAP LAWS” (as Morris calls them in attack piece) I want to gut the adoption red tape and ban abortions after 18-22 weeks (when the fetus can feel pain) and hand those babies to parents and organizations ready to care for them.

I’m even ready to make concessions for emergencies, rape and incest (a ridiculously small percentage of abortions) to save these babies.

If the PRO-ABORTIONIST doesn’t want it, fine….just don’t kill him or her, just give the baby to someone else.

photo: 14 week fetus photo/ Your Pregnancy week by week

photo: 14 week fetus photo/ Your Pregnancy week by week

Studies show a fetus can feel pain at 18 weeks, yet pro-abortionists demand less humane treatment than the mass murderer receiving lethal injection as penalty for his crimes. The horrific practices revealed in the CMP videos shows that PP does not care about a humane procedure, the fetus feeling pain or just even recognizing the poor taste of having “BABY” as the pass code on the phone or calling the storage unit the “NURSERY.”

The article drones on, slapping Republicans around not seeing the universe with Democratic principles or ideals as Morris paints PP as the bastion of women’s health she and Rolling Stone believe them to be.

I find it so disheartening that liberalism and pro-abortion agenda trumps humanity to defend Planned Parenthood at all costs.

If only a fraction of truth was revealed in the CMP videos, then their ability to perform abortions should be eliminated immediately. Even if Planned Parenthood remains able to dispense morning after or Plan B pills, they should NEVER be allowed to have access to fetal tissue again, let alone mature babies to be butchered and boxed for medical research.

Humanists and other secularlists are increasingly becoming alarmed by this Mengele type approach to the unborn, but it may be too late. Sander’s inability to denounce late-term abortions is shocking and I’d recommend the Vermont Senator review the ‘House of Horror’ Kermit Gosmell case for an eye opening revelation.

Based on stories in Europe, aborting Down Syndrome babies or abortions based on gender doesn’t seem far-fetched any longer.

In 2016, abortion supporters are not seeking “safe, legal and rare,” as the new slogan sounds like “anytime, anywhere, any reason.”

pro-life poster

pro-life poster


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