Published On: Thu, Mar 16th, 2017

Robots and High-Tech Design; The Waves of the Future

One of the more interesting sets of topics to follow right now is some of the design work and functionality improvements of robots or other high-tech pieces of technology. Depending on your social circle, and where you get your news, you might not typically see news about these things floating through your conscious mind, but it’s certainly entertaining to shift your attention that way occasionally.

And five topics in particular within the category of robots and high-tech design include pilot simulators, nanorobots as used in medicine, virtual reality headsets, humanoid robot designs (perhaps made to replace factors workers, for examples), and the fascinating designs and improvements with drones (the flying type, now being marketed for commercial interest as well as personal enjoyment).

Pilot Simulators

There are lots of jobs that require pilots to make them happen. But rather than getting stressful on-the-job training sitting on the shoulders of newbies, there are companies that have designed pilot simulators to make sure that new people in the fields aren’t in actual danger. This is for safety purposes, financial purposes, and stress-testing purposes, and these simulators can be found in industries that deal with airplanes or underwater technologies.

Nanorobots In Medicine

In the medical field, one of the more fascinating development with respect to technology and robots is the idea of nanorobots that deliver medicine to specific areas of the body, rather than relying on larger amounts of drugs that hopefully make it to where they’re needed. Having smart, tiny robots in your bloodstream to help heal you can get rid of a lot of the uncertainty in many current medical procedures.

Virtual Reality Headsets

Though much of the advertising you’ll see for virtual reality headsets right now is based in the idea of entertainment, there are all sorts of practical uses for VR that are right around the bend. It can be used for healthcare, for virtual meetings, for walking around virtual houses when you’re buying or selling homes, and a million different other creative applications!

Humanoid Robot Designs

A few companies are making more humanoid style robots to help with things like factory work. There are some jobs that are really tough on the human body, but still need to be done, and places like car manufacturing plants are starting to use the possibility of robots to a greater degree of success than ever before.

Bring On the Drones

And finally, there is some amazing technology in progress right now that is improving the abilities of drones, for commercial and personal enjoyment purposes. High-altitude photography is amazing, and the military applications of drones are becoming more widespread as well as government officials are learning of all of the possibilities of unmanned flight patterns.

Author: Anna Johansson

photp/ Wren Handman via Pixabay

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