Published On: Wed, Feb 27th, 2019

Robb Misso, Dynamic Leader and CEO, Details 6 Ways to Make a Strong Start with Your Startup

Whether you’re thinking about starting your own business or need to reignite that fire, you’re probably searching for the right advice that you will be able to incorporate into your schedule. In this article, an innovative leader in the manufacturing realm, Robb Misso will detail 6 small business tips that will lead you to success.


  1.    Choose the Right Business

Are you going into business with passion and enthusiasm? Is there a need for your product? Making sure that you have an interest in the company you’re going to be founding is step one on the ladder to success. Then, if you see that there is a void in the market and there is a need for your product or your service, start your business. Be sure to have both of these questions answered before you dive headfirst into an enterprise. If it’s a yes to both, go on and jump into the fresh waters of entrepreneurship.

  1.    Go the Extra Mile with Customer Service

Since the advent of the very first business and store-front, the rule of thumb has always been- ‘put the customer first’ or ‘the customer is always right.’ Those idioms have carried their weight and remain essential tools of almost every trade to this day. Businesses are reliant on their consumers for their cash flow. Whether you have a restaurant or a car dealership or even an online clothing site, everything you do or sell is for a customer. While achieving a hundred percent customer satisfaction is not always possible, it is very worthwhile to reach for it.

  1.    Learn to Delegate

In the beginning, your startup may have very few employees—it may even be just you and a partner in tow working all hours of the day to get your business going. However, something that is wise to learn in the early days of your company is how to delegate. As you start you think about your business, your energy is boundless, and you feel as though you can do it all. Be cautious though because many new business CEOs have the tendency to overwork themselves and this eventually leads to significant burnout. By learning to delegate and handing out responsibilities to your colleagues and employees, you will not only alleviate stress from your task list, but you will also improve company morale and initiate a team-building atmosphere within the company.  

  1.    Hire the Right People

One of the critical factors to determine the long-term success of your company is related to the people you employ. Find people who are good at what they do in the areas that you are not so knowledgeable about. For example, let’s say that you are opening up a restaurant and you know all there is to know about making your signature dishes, but not very much about payroll or inventory. Hire the best store manager you can find, not another head chef. Bolster your company by employing people who are experienced in areas that you are not very familiar with.

  1.    Have a Long-Term Business Plan

At the beginning of almost every startup, there will be a period where more money will go out than come in. Don’t despair when profits are not an instantaneous phenomenon. By creating a long-term business plan, you can forecast the days of sheer investment into the business and look forward to the days of incoming profit. In making this plan, it’ll help you understand the costs of your start-up and exactly how much time and effort is needed to recoup your initial investment. It will help you see your goals and also see potential problems you may face, and by doing so, you can create plans and allow assets to keep your business going.

  1.    Have a Good Product

The world of entrepreneurship is a place of many give-and-takes. You can achieve more profit if your product is cheaper to manufacture, but will that also lead to dissatisfaction of the product itself? Don’t trade in a good product for more profits. Your company is ultimately built on the quality of what you are selling, whether that be a service or an item. If you compromise on the quality, you might end up losing customers rather than gaining in revenue.

Embarking on a new business requires skill, diligence and an unyielding interest in your product. By using the 6 tips above, you can avoid some early mistakes made by those who are new to the world of startups, and instead create a company that will surely thrive.

About Robb Misso:

Robb Misso founded Dynamic Manufacturing Solutions in order to go about manufacturing differently. For 25 years, he has worked tirelessly to create a positive work culture and empower skilled workers both inside and outside the office. Robb Misso is also the recipient of Austin’s “Recognize Good Award,” which honors community-minded individuals for local charity work.

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