Published On: Wed, Nov 19th, 2014

Rick Warren: ‘Marriage can only be between a man and a woman’

Speaking before Pope Francis’ Humanum conference in Rome, Pastor Rick Warren defended traditional marriage saying that “Marriage can only be between a man and a woman.”

photo Koshy Koshy

photo Koshy Koshy

“The Bible says you are to honor marriage. Sadly, today we all know marriage is dishonored by a lot of people. It’s dismissed as archaic, man-made tradition. It’s denounced as an enemy of women…it’s demeaned in movies and television and it’s delayed out of fear that it will limit one’s personal freedom. So today instead of being honoured, marriage is ridiculed, resented, rejected and redefined,” he said.

“What are we going to do about this? The Church cannot cower in silence…the stakes are too high.”

The popular preacher and best selling author argued that God reveals his presence and his character through marriage, that gender ideology “confuses our identity and destroys our dignity” and that the covenant of marriage and the act of sex parallel an intimate relationship with God.

He therefore stressed the importance of following Jesus’ teaching on marriage, rather than bowing to “fads, feelings, opinions or political correctness”.

“We build our lives on the unchanging truth of God’s Word,” Warren said. “You see, truth, is still truth, no matter how many people doubt it. I may deny the law of gravity, but it doesn’t change gravity. And just because we break God’s laws, does not invalidate them.”

“A lie doesn’t become a truth and wrong doesn’t become right and evil doesn’t become good just because it’s popular. Truth is truth,” he added.

Warren encouraged those gathered to celebrate healthy marriages; “We have to be a proponent of what’s right, not just an opponent of what’s wrong,” he said. “Celebrating and highlighting and honouring marriage, I believe, is the best defence, when you show people what’s real.”

He also insisted that Christians should “face attackers with joy and winsomeness”.

“Yes there’s a raging cultural battle, but the Bible says we don’t use the weapons of this world, and you overcome evil with good; bless those who curse you. These attackers are not the enemy, they are the mission field – they are people that Jesus shed his precious blood for,” he said.

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