Published On: Mon, Jul 27th, 2015

Richard Dreyfuss calls for rewriting of Second Amendment to require ‘participation in a militia’

Hollywood star Richard Dreyfuss made headlines after speaking out on the 2nd Amendment, offering up his ideas on a revision.

Speaking with the New York Observer, the Jaws actor said the re-write needs to make it clear that the right to bear arms applies to the militia rather than individual rights.

The Founding Fathers’ biggest mistake was not “[making] public education part of the Constitution” and he’d love to make changes to gun ownership.

“The Second Amendment. It’s the only Amendment that’s obscurely written, and I would have made it clear. I would have said, ‘This is for establishing militia and everyone has the right to participate in that militia, and you can have a gun if you participate in that militia.’

Colt LE6940, the weapon of choice by a California School district which purchased over a dozen prior to the Newtown shooting

Colt LE6940, the weapon of choice by a California School district which purchased over a dozen prior to the Newtown shooting

He suggested his desire to rewrite the amendment would address the divide over gun control vs. gun rights in our country.

He said, “One group says no guns even if some guy has a knife to my child’s throat and the NRA people say give me a semiautomatic missile or I’ll kill you.”

Dreyfuss compared guns to cars, we will likely always have guns just like we will likely always have cars “[But] no one would let anyone behind the wheel of a car without being trained in its use, so why can’t we have that?”

“When you limit your learning process so that you take out of schools the teaching of clarity and thought, the teaching of the political miracle that this country represents in history, when you don’t teach that, you lose not only a knowledge of this country, but the concept of preparation,” he said of education and how that would protect America from Islamic extremists like ISIS.


Richard Dreyfuss on Larry King Politicking civics in US

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  1. Gene Ralno says:

    Dreyfuss should be rewritten. He’s apparently not bright enough to have read the Supreme Court ruling that states keeping and bearing is an individual right.

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