Published On: Fri, Nov 22nd, 2013

Review: ‘The Little Princess’ at Patel Conservatory, ‘exuberant and engaging’

The cast and musicians of A Little Princess lit up the TECO Theater in this great rendition of a classic story. Their exuberance could be felt in the intimate setting, bringing laughter and tears as the audience learned from Sara Crew (Aleza Lowery) what it means to be a princess.

Be a little bit kinder than you have to especially when it is difficult to do so.

A Little Princess bannerSara is doted on by her loving father and loves their life together. When the queen asks him to go to Timbuktu, Sara has to go to London. Act one opens with Sara’s farewell to Africa.

We watch as Sara begins to find her way in the London school despite a venomous and resentful headmistress, Miss Minchin (Abigail Pfingsten). The other students warm up to Sara and she makes friends. Much to Miss Minchin’s chargrin, Sara even befriends the serving girl Becky (Shalyah Fearing).

At her thirteenth birthday party news comes that her father has died and his fortune has been seized. Sara is left penniless and in debt to Miss Minchin. Thus ends the first act.

In the second act we see Sara in her new role as a starving serving girl. The comforts that she had always been accustomed to have been taken away. Sara remains optimistic that her father is still alive. Her imagination keeps her moving from day to day. Sara continues to behave as a princess should providing inspiration to the girls she now serves.

The play concludes when the Queen of England swooped in to right the wrongs within the school and sent Sara and Becky off to find Sara’s father.

Fans of the book may be a little disappointed in the differences at the end of the story. The depth of the story that resulted in neighbors next door to the school eventually providing food and warmth to the girls in the attic was not developed. In fact, most of the scenes in the book that involve the attic are omitted from the play. Nor do we see Sara’s father return to London as an injured and unknown soldier.

Although the ending varied greatly from the book it still kept the audience engaged.

My children, who are not as familiar with the story as I am found no fault with the plot at it was presented. They enjoyed the show even more than I had hoped they would.


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Thursday, Nov. 14 & 21, at 7 p.m.
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