Published On: Mon, May 28th, 2018

Repairing or Selling A Damaged Car Involved in An Accident

Should the wrecked car be sold or repaired? A challenging situation for car owners, whose vehicle is damaged in an accident is to decide whether to have insurance company cover repairing costs or sell the damaged vehicle.

Image/Ada County Sheriff’s Department

Many people believe that they have a single option and that is to have insurance company reimburse the repair cost and fix damaged car. However, they are not aware that they can sell the wrecked car and even reimbursement from insurance providers.

To sell broken cars or not is a huge challenge because majority of owners are emotionally attached to their vehicles. If you ignore to sell and keep it then after more than a decade, you will not be able to sell it as it will be categorized as junk.

Few major advantages of selling damaged car

Repaired car performance may get affected

People believe that after repairs the damaged car will look just like it was before. However, this is not always possible. When a car involves in a collision the damage identified by the mechanic is not ‘ALL’.

Obviously, the mechanic will make an attempt to discover each damage done, so as to offer repair quotes but it is hard to examine each part of the damaged car. Even after the mechanic has repaired the damaged car, there can be some unseen parts, who may have got compromised in the accident and can affect the performance, in due course.

Car’s resale value reduces

Even if the broken car looks new and performs well after repairs, the real car value reduces than the same car without accident. A collision listed in car history report lessens car’s resale value.

Enjoy driving new car rather than repaired one

After the car gets repaired at the body shop, you will find it hard to sit behind the steering wheel as it will remind you of the involved accident. A weird vibration or sound or different panel installed will remind you of the car accident you were involved in.

It is wise to ride a brand-new car or invest in a pre-owned one with no accident history. Why ride in a repaired car, when you can drive one with good condition?

Can you sell car with accident history?

Yes, you can sell damaged but repairable cars at an online auction website.

  • After an accident call the automobile auction online company.
  • An inspector will visit your home or repair shop to inspect the vehicle, take photos and details.
  • Everything is than loaded on their online auction website.
  • You get a good offer for your damaged car and even collect insurance check

Now, you are all ready to invest in a new car instead of suffering from post-trauma attacks often in the repaired vehicle.

After an accident many cars can be repaired instead of salvaging. It is a good alternative because you will not be without a car but it can be difficult as you will not feel the same driving it after repairs. Even if your car is beyond repairs the online auction inspector will offer an estimate. They will never let the salvaged car parts go waste. You will create space for new car.

Author: Aalia Ray

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