Published On: Wed, Oct 20th, 2021

Rensair Air Purifier Kills Covid and Airborne Particles

Are you still confused about buying an air purifier? Running an air purifier at home is always a good idea.  It helps you to clean your indoor pollutants from dust, allergens, odors, and cooking. Air purifiers with HEPA filters can also capture viruses and particles like Covid 19. Here in this article, we will discuss and try to understand air purifiers. Our pick is the Rensair Air Purifier,  which reduces the most important airborne viruses, and has been demonstrated to remove the coronavirus family with 99.98% effectiveness. Keep reading this article till the end and understand choosing the best HEPA air purifier for your home.

Rensair B2B portable, hospital-grade air purifier

What is a HEPA Air Purifier?

The most secured air purifier is the HEPA 13 air purifier. A high-efficiency air filter captures unwanted particles from the atmosphere. However, regular air purifier filters range from poor to medium in terms of their design and filtration ability. They are the most common air filters used in homes and workplaces today. If you are looking for a good air filter, consider HEPA. HEPA filters are the safest in the market. However, they used to be slightly costly. Nowadays, HEPA filter air purifiers are widely used at homes, offices, aircraft, medical facilities, hospitals, etc.

Can an Air Purifier Help With Covid?

Is it true that an air purifier can protect you from getting covid? The answer is yes. The air purifier can reduce the airborne concentration of the virus that causes the Covid 19 that reduces the risk of transmission through the air. However, we hope you still practice washing your hands with soap and water. It is a must, and one should follow better precautions.

What do you need to look for in an air purifier?

Are you looking for an air purifier? We will suggest you first have an understanding of what is an air purifier and its function.

  1. What is a HEPA filter?

High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters capture airborne particles with their filter. HEPA filters can remove 99.97% of dust and pollutants from the air. Their process is simple but remarkably effective. HEPA filters are standard for almost every air purifier in the market. Therefore, HEPA air purification has become the standard for the air purification industry. HEPA can filter down particles down to 0.3 microns.

  1. How Rensair Works



What should you need to avoid in an air purifier?

  1. Air Ionizers:

Ionizers help to purify the air. The process is by sending out negatively charged ions that attract positively charged pollution particles moving to leave the air and stick to surfaces like walls, furniture, and ceilings. Many modern air purifiers use ionization technology. Research suggests that ionizers stop growing molds and bacteria in dry environments. 

  1. Ozone Generators:

Ozone is terrible for you, particularly indoors. However, ozone is attached to adverse health effects. Ozone dynamos use a method called corona discharge to discharge ozone molecules into the air. So, when an ozone particle connects with a particle or molecule, an ozone atom sticks to the other molecule this process is known as oxidation. Due to its health hazards, so it is not advisable to use Ozone Generators.

  1. UV Light Purifiers:

Ultraviolet (UV) light is used in hospitals to prevent the spread of harmful strains of bacteria and viruses. One of the most popular UV disinfection methods is called ultraviolet germicidal irradiation. In UVGI, intense UV lights are used to destroy bacteria and viruses ‘ DNA. It is called programmed cell death, which finally destroys bacteria’s capacity to cause diseases.

What air purifier should you buy? 

Rensair is hospital-grade air purifiers, made portable. Providing clean air for every space, Rensair has been designed to incorporate a high power UVC light within the cylindric high quality HEPA13 filter. The patented design causes the UVC light to constantly clean the HEPA13 filter resulting in a safer product. Rather than merely capturing viruses and bacteria, Rensair UVC light kills them while they are trapped in the HEPA13 filter. The patented design draws air in through the high-power motor, cleans it and distributes it at 360 degrees. This design allows for Rensair units to be effective regardless of where in the room it is placed. As a result of the patented designed use of UVC light, the filter only needs to be changed after 9,000 hours of use at which time the filter is completely clean. All other air purifiers require more frequent filter replacement which adds expense and possible exposure issues.

Still, you are not sure? When it comes to choosing the best air purifier, you need to understand its science. In the market today, HEPA air purifiers are the most effective. HEPA air purifiers help to purify the indoor air and make the environment happier. We hope now you must be familiar with how to choose a good air purifier. Choose an air purifier that is safe and the best for your business and/or family. If you are still confused, then do contact us. We are here just next door and can help you out. Rensair Air Purifiers are the best in the USA market, and our customers are content with our technology and designs of air purifiers. Check out our latest air purifiers, and to understand, you can talk with our customer care executives. Yep, we will be happy to help you out. Your safety is in our hands. So you don’t fret, just trust us.

Author: Rohan Singh

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