Published On: Sat, Jan 23rd, 2021

Renew Your Plumber License With Oregon Plumbing Continuing Education Courses Online

You might already be a plumber in Oregon. But once the license is expired, you need to go through continuing education or CE. It helps to credit the working and educational hours to your license for getting the approval.

Therefore, you need to know everything about the Oregon plumbing continuing education before applying for the license renewal request. 

So read the blog ahead and know how to get it renewed properly without investing too much time and money with no results.

First, learn about the coded hours required in different plumbing positions in Oregon. 

For Journeyman Plumber (JP):

You must have:

  • 4 hours of Oregon Rule & Law (ORL), 
  • 4 hours of Code Change (CC) with mandatory part of continuing education. 
  • 16 hours of Code Related (CR).

The total is 24 hours for the renewal of this position’s license in Oregon. 

For Solar Heating & Cooling System Installer (STL):

You must have only 8 hours of Code Related (CR). So, this position will only need 8 hours of CR training or educational hours. 

Check from the Oregon govt. website for the approval of the school and its course:

The next step before applying for any continuing education for your JP or STL post is this one. You should cross-check from the Oregon government website. They have a list of approved educators. It also shows whether these companies or educators are conducting classes online or offline. 

When you click each educator, you can learn more about their features and necessary details straight from the Oregon government website for plumbers.

You can also filter the companies by searching which type of credits you are searching for on the site. So, you can select CC/CR/ORL credits when you are searching for educators that offer you continuing education properly in Oregon. 

One such example of the course and educator is TRADESMANCE. You can visit their website straight away to know what type of CE courses they have to make the license renewal application easier for you. 

Select the best course as per the given hours:

The next step starts with you selecting the best course as per the hours. 

When you visit the site, like TRADESMANCE.com, you will know there are multiple courses online. They help in your getting different types of credit hours.

You might already have some, or you might be completely new to it. So, search the course accordingly. 

For instance, there can be a 4-hours course only dedicated to ORL or CC credits. Or, there can be 8- & 16-hours courses for CR credits. Then, there are comprehensive 24-hours courses. This is a perfect course for the JP position, that is, Journeyman Plumber. 

Check the different types of courses fit for learning new modules:

Despite the hours, you must know what each continuing education (CE) course is teaching you. The course can be for:

  • Rainwater harvesting training & educational modules.
  • Safety training for plumbers.
  • Rule & Law teaching course for plumbers.
  • Teaching plumbers everything about the latest OPSC updates.
  • Comprehensive course comprising content with 24-hours duration.

To know more about these Oregon plumbing continuing education courses, you must browse each one of them. From there, you can read in detail about the duration, price, topics, and other requirements from your side (if any). 

Then decide with a cool mind if you want to have this course right now. 

Also, ensure to enroll in those courses or subjects which are available to you for a lifetime. Then, you will really earn a lifetime value by applying for them. There should be no burden from their end for you to complete the course.

However, the Oregon government has a limited period to apply for the renewal of the license. Once that passes, you might have to apply for a fresh license, despite having the content for life. 

So, you have to make a sound decision and apply for the renewal of the license before the due or expiry date. 

Know the additional features of the courses:

Some schools will give your completion certificate and inform the state on your behalf about the completion of the course. Then, you can easily take the exam or be ready to get the license renewed. 

In such a case, the entire task of getting your precious plumbing licensed renewed is not a hassle anymore. Moreover, the student or learner can complete the course on their pace. However, you (the student) must keep in mind that there is a limitation from the government to apply for the renewal of the license.

Get full support from the customer care executive:

The best way to apply for the plumbing license renewal is to get the needed support from the customer care executive. They will inform you about each and every update in the course and in the license. This way, you won’t feel that any crucial information is hidden from you. 

And the best way is that you connect with the customer care executive yourself for gathering every intel on CC/CR/ORL credits on time.

Author: Louise Campos

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