Published On: Fri, Sep 22nd, 2023

Remote Worker Or Digital Nomad: The New Way To Work

During the COVID 19 pandemic and worldwide lockdowns, many people began working from home as a remote worker. Since that time, remote working has increased with many people continuing the trend. However, that isn’t all, as some workers came to the conclusion that if they can work from home, does it matter if a foreign country temporarily becomes “home,” leading to the new term, digital nomad.

Image by Manuel Alejandro Leon from Pixabay

Out of the office as a remote worker

While working at home, it might occasionally be necessary to visit the office for a meeting or other event. However, as they did during the pandemic, many remote workers continue to use Zoom or its alternatives to host a live meeting.

According to a 2023 trend report, businesses are changing how their offices work in order to best accommodate remote workers. Naturally, less office space is needed; meaning businesses could even change to smaller premises and generally save money.

On the other end of the scale, remote workers have adapted their homes to make room for home offices. Obviously, it is initially difficult to find a good work/play balance. However, workers soon settled down in a suitable timetable, always getting the work done on time, while taking the dog for regular walks.

Meanwhile, businesses realized that they didn’t necessarily have to employ local staff and could attract talent from other countries in the world. This partly inspired the new travel trend, the digital nomad.

Life as a digital nomad

Remote workers eventually realized that if they could work from home, they could work anywhere. Many dreamed of taking the laptop to the beach, or sitting on the terrace of a French café while pounding the keyboard. Basically, all that was necessary was a good Internet connection or fast Wi-Fi and somewhere to charge the laptop’s battery. Meanwhile, workers who live in colder countries can choose to work in the warm sunshine. 

However, being away from home could impact digital nomads on a medical basis, so a good health insurance plan is also essential. Companies like SafetyWing are a recommended for health insurance cover

Which countries offer the best visa for remote workers?

These days, various countries are taking advantage of the digital nomad trend, offering visas in exchange for proof of income. What really attracts workers is the fact that average monthly expenses are less than they are in their own country. Read on for a brief introduction into three of the best locations for remote workers.

  • Bali, Indonesia

For those seeking an exotic location, Bali, Indonesia is popular with digital nomads. Here, a worker’s average monthly expenses are between $800 and $2000. While a 30-day visa is available on arrival for most nationalities, Bali’s digital nomad visa extends to 60 days. Meanwhile, the best time to visit is from April to October. Find out more about the visa requirements here.

  • Georgia

Georgia has been in the headlines recently as it is working to welcome digital nomads. Here, monthly expenses average $700 to $1,500 and the country offers the “Remotely from Georgia” nomad visa. As for the best weather, the former Soviet republic is also best visited during the period April to October.

  • Croatia

With its gorgeous scenery and beaches and historic cities, Croatia is an amazing choice. Meanwhile, the country is keen to welcome digital nomads and while they don’t have an official visa for that, they do offer 90 day visas for most nationalities. Again, the best time of year is from April to October.

Whether choosing to be a remote worker at home or a digital nomad in other countries, this lifestyle is certainly attractive.

Author: Anne Sewell

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