Published On: Fri, Sep 26th, 2014

Relocating for Work? Finding a Perfect New Home Takes Time

Although work relocation isn’t a new concept in the 21st century, it is happening more often with highly qualified individuals. By moving from a satellite office to the main headquarters, there’s more to a promotion transfer than a bigger paycheck. An employee must uproot their entire family and find new housing almost instantly. Before packing one single box, evaluate your real estate choices for a more streamlined job transfer.

photo TaxRebate.org.uk via Flickr

photo TaxRebate.org.uk via Flickr

Pricing Before Moving

A prospective job transfer is often met with a bonus and pay increase. Although the amount could be generous, research the new city before you accept the offer. Cost of living varies widely across the nation. Your new salary must cover local housing prices and consumer goods. If it costs $500,000 just to purchase a small, 2-bedroom home, for example, your salary should be ample enough to pay for a significant monthly payment.

Bed and Breakfast Ease

Purchasing a home takes considerable time, especially when you’ve just arrived in town. Search out local bed and breakfast businesses for a community feel to the home search. With a real roof over your head, you can connect with the proprietors and local visitors to learn about quality housing and nearby culture. If networking is important in your field, a bed and breakfast gives you a glimpse of the community and residents’ education levels.

Employee Hotel Coverage

Large corporations typically cover hotel expenses while you look for permanent housing. Take advantage of your hotel amenities by spending time after work driving around local neighborhoods. Get a feeling of the people in each area by walking to a local park, for example. The hotel staff are often good resources for neighborhood information as well.

The Rental Choice

If you’re still unsure about where to live, talk to your real estate agent about local rentals. You essentially try a neighborhood out while renting month-to-month. Agents typically have inside knowledge of certain rental deals or perfect neighborhoods. You’ll be able to make a smart purchase decision while enjoying the surrounding neighborhood.

Real Estate Professionals to Lean On

Any move is a stressful one, especially to a new city entirely. Your real estate agent isn’t just a tour guide, but they also have access to critical neighborhood information. Ask about school scores and crime statistics for a particular community. They’ll be able to print out and explain any statistical information. With their local knowledge, you’ll have a positive experience discovering a new town and property.

Purchasing real estate in an unknown city is a gamble for the buyer, making it crucial to have a strong real estate agent by your side. Once you have temporary housing, your agent has a chance to give you a tour of the area. Each small neighborhood has its own niche and culture. Find your perfect fit and then make an offer on the property. Patience and research gives you a better chance at a well-suited property for your needs.

Guest Author: Lolita Di

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