Published On: Fri, Apr 26th, 2019

Recruiting Tech Trends to watch this year

As hiring processes and practices continue to develop these days, more and more tech vendors are making novel and advanced technology solutions for recruiters and hiring managers. Due to the innovative advancements in different areas of technology like data analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, social media and so on, the recruitment industry now taking advantages of latest recruitment tech trends to make hiring processes efficient and quick.

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Below are some of the key tech trends recruiters must consider for ultimate recruitment success and efficiency.

ATS for Candidate Identification

ATS or application tracking system is one of the commonly used recruitment solutions these days. It makes candidate identification easier for the talent acquisition staff. This recruitment technology has made a lot of recruitment related tasks such as application review process, resume screening to prevent bad matches, scanning the web for missing information and most importantly scoring of the candidates based on the skills set they own, etc. This technology not only reduces the efforts of recruiters but also make the hiring process efficient and fast as well. As it is a widely used recruitment related tech trend, it offers variety of features and solutions for hiring professionals to make their jobs easier than ever.

Candidate Testing

Availability of latest recruitment technologies not only prevent recruiters from reviewing the loads of applications and resumes manually but also provides them with efficient candidate testing solutions as well. The Berke Assessment Test is the best example of latest recruitment technologies as it makes the candidate testing effective and swift too. It enables the recruiters to test the skills, knowledge and experience of candidates to make productive hiring decisions.

AI for Screening

Due to the amazing escalation in AI and automation technology in recent years, AI for resume and application screening is one of the latest recruitment technologies as it solves a major problem of recruiters which is reviewing the huge volume of application and resumes received. A lot of recruitment software and solutions come with a feature of automated screening to help recruiters learn what good candidates look like. Such software learns the experience, expertise and traits of employees and then applies the collect information and details to screen the grade and capability of candidates to shortlist them for final interviews. It can save loads of work, effort and time of recruiters to fill the positions quickly with best talent.

Super-targeting job ads

It is a great way to attract and hire top talent for open positions. Super-targeting job advertisements include re-targeting the candidates or users who have recently visited the corporate website of your business and geo-targeting to find out the best matches within your area. By adopting this recruitment tech trend, a business can quickly hire the best talent for open jobs without spending a lot of efforts and resources. Super-targeting job ads are the best recruitment technology to get your job ads in front of the right eyeballs.

Recruitment Marketing

Recruitment marketing is one of the best recruitment technologies used by many organizations for finding the best qualified candidates for positions advertised. Basically, it is the approach of using several marketing techniques and practices like data analytics, targeted messaging, and job ads automation, to attract and engage the candidates who are qualified but haven’t yet applied for a job. Recruitment marketing helps a business or company to convert such candidates into applicants by letting them know about the real value and worth of an employer brand. In years to come, more and more companies would be using recruitment marketing software solutions not only to hire the top talent but to build employer brand awareness as well. Variety of recruitment software is accessible on the web that can also keep potential candidates up-to-date and engaged throughout the recruitment processes.

Administrative Tasks Automation

Automation is the key to success these days and can be adopted in every walk of life. Recruiters can also do the same. Automation of administrative tasks such as application and resume screening, interview scheduling and sending the right follow up responses to applicants can help recruiters save lots of efforts and valuable time as well. Automation takes most of the common and time-consuming tasks off of the plate of recruiters to help them focus on other significant things. However, automation of recruitment processes can be unsafe for recruiters that machines or software cannot do in the best way.

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