Published On: Thu, Dec 17th, 2020

Reasons why your next lounge should be a modular sofa

The lounge chair is the most iconic piece of furniture for the living room. It is also the most used and will always catch the eye of anyone entering the room. Choosing the right type of sofa is crucial for tying your living room together.

If you’re buying your first sofa, replacing an existing one or simply upgrading to accommodate for a larger family, when looking for lounges online the sofa you should look for is a modular.

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So what is a modular sofa?

A modular sofa is a lounge chair that is made of several pieces to complete one singular lounge chair. The individual pieces can be arranged and moved to fit the style and space for each person’s desires.

Modular lounges can be both simple and extravagant with many variants featuring recliners, chaises to relax into and many other extras available.

Reasons to have a modular lounge

So with so many other styles of lounges on the market why should you get a modular? Here is a list of the reasons why you should.

They’re customisable

Depending on what you want from your lounge chair, a modular can be customised to fit any preference.

Modular sofas can be arranged in serval different patterns to accommodate for any house hold or functions. Some include are;

  • Left hand configuration
  • Right hand configuration
  • Rounded or straight
  • I, L and U configurations

The customisable aspect allows it to fit any household that stock standard sizes and shapes wouldn’t

They come in multiple sizes

Mostly known for being large and expansive, modular sofas also have the option to come in multiple sizes.

The number of modular pieces is also customisable to accommodate for any size needed. If you need a smaller place occupied opt for 4 modules, if you need a larger sofa for entertaining try looking at 7 module models.

They are versatile

A great reason to get a modular sofa is of how versatile they are. If you need to get a larger sofa because of a growing family you can simply opt to get more modules rather than replacing the whole lounge chair itself.

Being able to alter it at your whim as well allows you to change the style of your living room without having to buy new furniture either.

Another great practical use with modular lounges is that if you are moving and the sofa has to come with you, the module pieces make the sofa easier to transport.

Multifunctional nature

If you feel like taking a nap outside the bedroom or if you have a house guest that needs a place to rest for the night, the modular can easily be repurposed.

Add a chaise and recliner for a nap or simply rearrange the setting to make for a bed for your taller friends.

A feature some module pieces come with is storage. This was you have a stylish non-descript way of hiding anything that doesn’t need to be on display to the public.

They’re comfortable

According to Best in Australia, people see modular as being fashionable and think that you must sacrifice comfort it for. On the contrary as a modular sofa is the comfiest thing you would have ever had to pleasure to sit or lie on.

Choosing your lounge chair is a long tedious task but it doesn’t have to be. Opting for a modular sofa allows you to have numerous amounts of benefits without having to sacrifice comfort or you budget.

Author: Colin Steinway


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