Published On: Wed, Apr 4th, 2018

Reasons to Invest In Computerized Maintenance Management System

Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) replaced the old method of maintenance which was totally paper based with the computerized method. This shift from paper based maintenance to software based maintenance has shown a tremendous reduction in the cost of downtime. Earlier a huge cost was wasted due the unplanned shutdown and downtime of machinery but now it has been reduced to a great extent. Reduced downtime is just a single benefit of implementing a CMMS software in an organization. Apart from this CMMS is used for – Recording of work, Tracking of work orders, scheduling of track, Inventory management, audit and certification.

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An organization with an improved Computerized Maintenance Management System today holds the capacity to give cutting edge competition to its competitors in market. Having an effective and updated CMMS system provide competitive advantage and thus resulting in higher returns on investments.

There several valid reasons to make an investment in Computerized Maintenance Management System. Few of them are given here-

  • It is better to prevent then reacting- Preventive maintenance strategy helps you to identify defects before they become a problem. CMMS system focuses on preventive strategy rather than reactive one. It helps to reduce downtime and unplanned shutdowns. CMMS system is a proactive solution to the various maintenance problems.
  • Access Real Time Information- It is best to mix different maintenance strategy- Organizations must start working on other preventive maintenance strategies like conditioned based maintenance strategy, reliability based maintenance, risk – based maintenance strategy along with preventive maintenance. CMMS system helps you take decisions of where you can use these strategies.
  • Mobility of CMMS system- With the introduction of mobile it has become to carry your CMMS system in a form of mobile applications. Through notification and alerts maintenance technician can get work orders. Today most of the CMMS solutions are armed with a mobile app which can be carried to any place and saves time.  
  • Standardize best practices- Standardization of work is done through the checklists. With a CMMS system you can establish standard practices and consistency. It is also helpful in troubleshooting and maintenance of company assets.
  • Maintaining backlogs- CMMS system helps in providing better control over backlogs. It also helps to spot small and unnoticed faults which can lead to bigger issues in future.
  • Quick access to old data– In a manual system it seems impossible to access historic data which contain old work records, assets records, replacement and repair history etc. But in modern cloud CMMS system it becomes easy for technicians to quickly access all the required data with ease.
  • Effective management of old assets and machinery- New machinery require less maintenance and care but as the passes machines requires more care and maintenance. With the help of CMMS it becomes easy for maintenance management team to access all the necessary information of the old machinery.
  • Managing health and safety information- CMMS system does not take care only of the machinery and other assets but also protects employees by managing their health and safety information. It is also maintain the track of certification of the technicians.
  • Better Inventory Control- CMMS system facilitates better inventory control by managing suppliers and vendors.
  • Increased Efficiency and productivity- CMMS system facilitates better work planning and maintenance management which results in greater efficiency and thus leading to higher productivity.
  • Reduced Cost- CMMS solution with its regular tracking and record maintenance helps in reducing downtime, unplanned shutdowns, repair and replacement cost which ultimately leads to decreased overall cost to company and higher profitability.
  • Reduced energy consumption- Regular maintenance and care of equipments and systems keep them working efficiently and in good condition. Adhering to maintenance rules and proper schedule helps in increasing life of equipments and these well maintained equipments consume less energy.

It is necessary to be equipped with updated maintenance software systems i.e. CMMS systems to have a cutting edge in this world where there is cut-throat competition.

Author: Anurag Choudhari

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