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Reasons to hire a DUI defense lawyer

You are in need to hire a DUI defense lawyer when you charged with the crime of driving under the influence. When it comes to deciding for better legal representation, hiring a DUI defense lawyer is the wisest decision.

Do you really need an attorney?

Getting accused of the charge of DUI is a serious offense that can ruin your entire career. When you want to get away with such consequences of DUI, you should hire the lawyer who is adept at dealing with the cases of drunk drivers.

The attorney specialised in dealing with DUI cases promises to help you get away with the punishment by dismissing all the charges against you. However, it should be kept in mind that DUI attorney may not be able to help you every time.

The attorney can also help you save your driving license. Therefore, if you are charged with the intoxicated driving and you want to get away with this charge, hiring an attorney for this purpose is recommended. It had become mandatory in every state of the USA to judge the intoxicated driver when he charged with DUI. Los Angeles DUI defense lawyer assist their clients from getting reduced punishment at least.

1.    You are afraid of losing your job:

Various organizations require the applicant to submit his background information so that they can know if he has ever been charged with an offense. These organizations don’t hire individuals who don’t have a neat and clean background. If you have been charged with DUI, you will not be able to apply for many good jobs because almost every reputable organization needs the innocent candidate to work

Some organizations also terminate the employees when they get charged with any offense. They have a legal right to do this because they have mentioned it in the employment contract

If you are doing a good job and you are afraid that you will lose it because of being charged with DUI, hiring the DUI defense lawyer is your basic need. DUI can inhibit your entire career. DUI defense lawyer can save you from this potential loss by defending you in an efficacious way.

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2.    Your DUI charge was severe

There are varieties of reasons for which an intoxicated driver can get a DUI from a police officer. Getting a DUI for a minor mistake during driving while being influenced is a different thing. Getting DUI for over speeding or for driving in the wrong lane may not be much dangerous.  

However, if you were involved in a road accident, and it caused serious injuries or death of the other person, your DUI will become very severe. In such a situation, it will be almost impossible for you to escape until you hire a DUI defense lawyer

3.    You have to present evidence:

After you have gotten charged with DUI, the court may ask you to present the evidence during the trial. Sometimes, there can be issues with pieces of evidence. If you are not a much knowledgeable person and you are afraid that the evidence you present may ruin the case, you should hire the defense lawyer.

It is the job of the lawyer to present the evidence before the court on your behalf. If there are some identified issues with the evidence that you have to present in the court, the lawyer will try to get rid of them or will try to find an alternative method.

In some cases, your prosecutor presents the evidence against you, which can make the jury give the verdict against you. The lawyer, with his insight and knowledge, tries to find the flaws in the evidence so that he can refute them in the case. Moreover, he also ensures that the evidence he presents in the court are also flawless so that the opponent cannot refute

4.    You want to reduce the sentence:

Sometimes, the offense of driving while being intoxicated is unavoidable because you have committed a mistake on the road and the cameras have caught you. Your blood test can further make the case against you stronger because it proved that you were drunk. In this situation, you will have to face the sentence and pay the fine

If you also know that your punishment is unavoidable, you can hire a well-qualified attorney who can help you reduce the sentence and the fine you have to pay. So, for a reduction in the sentence, you can hire the attorney because you are not much capable of doing it alone

5.    You are not much aware of the laws of your country:

Unfortunately, most of the people don’t know about the laws of the country. They also don’t know about their rights when it comes to defending themselves in the court against the DUI. For such people, it is recommended to render the services of a legal expert. The DUI defense lawyer not only fights for the defendant but also educates the defendant about his rights and laws of the state.

6.    You don’t want to experience trial alone:

Facing the trial is the worst thing one has to face. As a matter of fact, no one wants to face the trial. No matter how much avoid yourself from having to show up in the court, sometimes it is imminent to face the trial

It is not a wise idea to appear in court without any lawyer. It is very simple to make yourself ready for the trial. All you need to do is conduct some research to get the information about the best attorney in your locality. Pay the fee to the attorney you want to hire, explain the entire situation and appear in the court with him

7.    You need to get witnesses:

If you want to reduce a sentence or the amount of fine you have to pay, you will be in need to get access to the expert witnesses that can play a significant role in reducing the sentence and jail time.

Finding a witness is not an easy job. For a person who has no experience of dealing with the legal issues, it would be very difficult to find an appropriate witness. Which type of witness you actually need for your case and where to find the right witness is something only known by the professional lawyers.

Lawyers generally have prior experience of dealing with the witnesses, and they can easily find a witness for you to save you from DUI charge. He knows well where he can find the witness.

8.    You have been charged the second time:

If you have been charged for driving under the influence second time, you cannot escape it. Just like any other case, if you have been caught driving under the influence, the sentence you are likely to face will be more severe. There will be a lot of penalties you will have to deal with

The only that can save safe you from the severe sentence and penalties are hiring the lawyer. Since you second time offender, the punishment is difficult to avoid. However, several steps can be taken to reduce it.

9.    You want to do sentence bargaining:

Not always, but in many cases, a person is allowed to bargain the sentence. Bargaining the sentence can help you face possibly fewer charges depending on the situation you were caught. If the offense were severe, the charges getting lower by the bargaining would be different from those in the situation of less severe offense.

There are a few things that you need to know about no matter you have legal information or not. For sentence bargaining, you should be able to communicate effectively so that you can get the least punishment. As a matter of fact, you cannot bargain as effectively as a lawyer. In such a situation, hiring the DUI defense lawyer is inevitable for you

10.     Your blood alcohol content was high at the time of the offense:

One of the major reasons why most of the people prefer hiring the DUI defense lawyer is their medical report. If your medical report tells that at the time of the offense, you BAC was too high, that means your alcohol intake was too high. The more your BAC is high, the more severe will be your offense. Severe offense always accompanied by severe sentence. You can hire an attorney who knows how to get a reduction in the sentence no matter how offensive the charge was

The bottom line:

If you have been charged with DUI, hire yourself a DUI defense lawyer. Hiring the lawyer will give you peace of mind when you realise that you have someone standing by your side. Anyone can get charged with DUI. All you need to do is know how you can tackle the situation. You can hire the lawyer on time to save yourself from many other legal complex issues that may arise because of not hiring the lawyer.

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