Published On: Fri, May 27th, 2016

Real Solutions for Bed Bug Nightmares

Bed bugs are little brown bugs that prey on innocent victims while they’re asleep, as well as when they’re relaxing in the day, minding their own business. Chances are you or someone you known has had a run-in with these terrorizing bugs. While their infestations are rampant, bed bug solutions are rare.

Bed bugs are largely pesticide-resistant, and that’s why you’re often advised to consult a NJ pest control expert when it comes to getting rid of them. Today, the purpose is to give you advice on how to keep bed bug infestations in check through the use of two major methods.

Cimex lectularius bed bug/CDC

Cimex lectularius bed bug/CDC

What are The Main Techniques of Bedbug Control?

While there are several approaches to controlling bed bug infestations, these two have been proven to be the most effective:

  • Fumigation
  • Heat


One of the best pieces of advice you’ll ever get, with regard to bedbug infestation, is how to get rid of these bugs using fumigation. Fumigation is a pest-control method that involves filling an area completely with pesticides or fumigants. It’s aimed at suffocating or poisoning the pests within.

What are Pros of Fumigation?

  • Fumigation is 100% effective against all of the life stages of bedbugs, including the hard to control egg stage.
  • It involves the use of inorganic gas, like Vikane fumigant (Sulfuryl Fluoride), which completely dissipates after fumigation, and hence leaves no residue, odor, or film behind.
  • It is readily available and affordable, particularly in urban areas where bed bugs are increasingly becoming prevalent.
  • With fumigation, clutter shouldn’t worry you, since the fumigant penetrates all air spaces, including those within furniture, bedding, and interior walls.

Fumigation Drawbacks

  • You cannot use fumigation in a single unit as the case with a multi-unit building. You’ll have to evacuate the other units. Sometimes this is impossible.
  • Fumigation has no residual to avert further re-infestation.
  • You’ll have to use pesticides to avert future infestations.


This method of bedbug control involves the use of heating units and fans for circulation in a bid to raise and maintain the temperature in the infested area to a fatal degree for several hours.

What Are The Pros of Using Heat To Control Bedbugs?

  • Heat is a chemical free process.
  • It kills all the life cycles of a bedbug.
  • Heat can penetrate virtually any material.
  • You don’t have to discard any of your belongings.
  • While heat might be the most expensive option, it’s the most cost efficient.
  • It is 100% effective in exterminating bedbugs in the very first treatment, 98% of the time.

What are The Shortcomings of the Method?

  • With heat method, you have to do a comprehensive pre-treatment preparation of the infested area.
  • The treatment may last for a couple of hours.
  • Proper safety measures must be put in place for older buildings.
  • It is not safe for things like electronics, artwork, or antiques. These items should be taken out and stored in a safe place during the method.


If there is one bug that you don’t want to encounter ever, then it’s a bed bug. Once you have bed bugs, they wreak havoc in your home and terrorize everybody who lives there. These annoying critters hide in the deepest and darkest corners of your house, only coming out to feed on your blood as well as your pet’s blood.

Bedbugs may be small, but their impact is mighty. Getting rid of them is also not easy, but with the right method, you can finally defeat them. Just heed the advice in this article and your home will be safe from bedbugs.

Author: Angie Charda

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