Published On: Fri, May 15th, 2015

Rawdah Abdisalaam identified as Seattle college student recruiting for ISIS

A female college student in Seattle was found to be recruiting for ISIS and identified by authorities as Rawdah Abdisalaam. He created the Twitter account @_UmmWaqqas, a page that urged Muslims to support and join ISIS.

Abdisalaam posted a photo of her laptop sitting atop an ISIS flag. On the computer screen was an ISIS lecture video. She captioned the photo, “This is all I do pretty much. My aspiration is to become like A’isha Radi Allahu Anha (the wife of Mohammed) in every sense.”
Rawdah abdisalaam, the Seattle student running an ISIS recruiting page on Twitter

Rawdah abdisalaam, the Seattle student running an ISIS recruiting page on Twitter

She tweeted, “May Allah bless our Mujahideen in Dawlatul Islam. May Allah grant them victory over their enemies and bless the Islamic State!”

While calling upon fellow Muslims to move overseas and join the terrorist group’s efforts, Abdisalaam also posted about her life in America, such as watching television and posting photographs of  hamburgers or slices of pizza.

She additionally identified herself as a college student that had been studying to be a journalist, but announced that she changed her major because of her unhappiness with the media.

“Officially changed my major,” Abdisalaam wrote. “I no longer want to be a journalist (considering the bias news agencies, etc.) I know want to be a teacher!”

The college student’s friends were reportedly shocked to hear of Abdisalaam’s involvement with ISIS recruitment.
The local news spoke to her friends, who believe that she has ran from the state and possibly the country.
The ISIS recruitment Twitter page has since been removed, but not before acquiring 8,000 followers.
Abdisalaam is believed to have communicated with Keonna Thomas, a 30-year-old Philadelphia woman who was arrested earlier this year for attempting to aid ISIS. She is also suspected of communicating with two teenage girls from Colorado who were arrested in Germany as they were on their way to Turkey to join the Islamic State.
photo/Islamic State flag

photo/Islamic State flag

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