Published On: Fri, Apr 10th, 2015

Rand Paul: The neoconservatives will NEVER be on your side

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul took some bruising this week, some self-inflicted, but it’s clear he can move on from these “problems” with interviews. He just needs to be more honest with himself.

photo/ donkey hotey

photo/ donkey hotey

I think part of the problem is that the Senator is trying to become something that he’s not, changing views, parsing words and trying to be all things to all people. No wonder he gets frustrated in these interviews–he is constantly adjusting his positions, sometimes contrary to what he truly believes, at least that is my opinion and observation.

Don’t believe me? Listen to him when he answers a question on Libya or Syria honestly, he’s passionate, lucid and thoroughly authentic. However, when he puts on his mask–nothing but trouble follows him…an issue that would happen to most honest people. Only a real politician can say things they don’t really believe and not be affected by it.

During Wednesday airing of Fox New’s The Kelly File, Megyn Kelly played a clip by columnist Charles Krauthammer where the popular commentator said, “Whatever name you want to put on Paul’s position, isolationist or noninterventionist, he is without a doubt the one Republican who will be running who is the closest to Obama in his view of foreign policy.”

Dr Paul responded saying the following:

And here’s the thing. You know, I like Charles. He’s a fellow physician. And we have a good personal relationship. But you know what, sometimes he’s just wrong. And what I would say the reason he’s wrong is that if you look at who’s closest to President Obama on foreign policy, it would be the people who have supported his policies like the war in Libya.

And I think the neocons both in our party have been very close to President Obama on all of these issues. The only place that they have differed is in degrees. I have been the one who opposed the war in Libya. I was the one opposed to Obama bombing in Assad when the Syria — beginning of the Syrian conflict. I was the one opposed to Obama’s arming of the Syrian rebels, of the Islamic rebels.

See, the neocons have been in favor of all of these things. And they’re actually much closer to President Obama than I am.

At this point Kelly asked if Krauthammer was a neocon (what do you think?) and Paul chose not to answer directly, not wanting to stir things up.

Kelly then went on probing to find out more–And who are they? In your mind, you know, who are they? What section of the Republican Party do you mean?  Like Bill Kristol? Lindsey Graham?

Kelly wanted to know if Rand Paul, who uses the term neocon periodically, when it fits, if he was willing to alienate 10% of the GOP (apparently only 10% are considered neocons, who knew?).

I’m sorry, no matter how much Rand Paul shifts his foreign policy position to a more hawkish stance, which he has dabbled in, the neoconservatives will NEVER support him and will pull out all stops to prevent a Paul presidency.

photo donkeyhotey  donkeyhotey@wordpress.com

photo donkeyhotey [email protected]

Immediately after his presidential announcement Tuesday, the neoconservative group, Foundation for a Secure & Prosperous America put up this ridiculous ad on the airways and two others in the following days.

Who is Foundation for a Secure & Prosperous America and who funds this operation? Little is known of this mysterious and shady organization.

By the way,  PolitiFact called the first ad “mostly false” and Utah Republican Senator Mike Lee called unfair.

If you think this is where you think it all started, you’d be wrong. The neocons drew first blood early on. Bill Kristol has been taking jabs at Paul for years in his snarky and obnoxious manner.

What about neocon priestess, Jennifer Rubin? She has made a living and owes her existence to Rand Paul, which she critiques and bashes nearly daily for months and months on her WaPo blog.

And what about all this phony Fox News love Sen Paul has been receiving during the past several years? That will fade and fade fast.

The neocons drew first blood and that supposed 10% of necons in the GOP will NEVER support Rand Paul, including neocon Charles Krauthammer. And this well funded and influential group have no intention of stopping.

Rand Paul’s more cautious approach to foreign policy and war is refreshing and necessary. And don’t believe for a minute if America was in REAL danger, a President Paul would ensure their defeat.

For Ms. Kelly, alienating the neocons? That train has long past.

For Dr Paul,  please don’t try so hard to please all factions, such efforts will be in vain.





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