Published On: Sun, Feb 17th, 2013

Rand Paul on 2016 presidential run: ‘We won’t make a decision until 2014’

Senator Rand Paul appeared on Fox News Sunday today and the topic of presidential politics came up. The junior Kentucky Senator and voice of the Tea Party was asked about any 2016 aspirations by host Chris Wallace .

WALLACE: Finally, let’s talk about 2016. How serious are you about running — you know what I’m going to ask — running for president? And would it be to make a point as your father did, in his presidential runs, or would it be to win?

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PAUL: I would absolutely not run unless it were to win. You know, points have been made and we’ll continue to make points, but I think the country really is ready for the narrative coming, libertarian Republican narrative, also because we have been losing as a national party. We are doing fine in congressional seats but we’re becoming less and less of a national party because we don’t win on the West Coast, we don’t win in New England. We really struggle around the Great Lakes.

I think people want a party that’s a little bit less aggressive on foreign policy, still believes in a strong national defense but less aggressive. They want — the young people want politicians who don’t want them in jail for 20 years for a nonviolent drug position charge. So, they want a little bit different phase.    I think people want a little different phase on immigration frankly. They don’t want somebody who wants to round people up, put in camps and send them back to Mexico.

Rand Paul: ‘Not even the President is above the Constitution’

WALLACE: Senator Paul —

PAUL: They don’t give them welfare, either. I don’t.

Excuse me?

WALLACE: Senator Paul, we got 30 seconds left. You sound like you are running.

PAUL: We won’t make a decision until 2014 but I think I do want the party to become a national party again and not lose sight of how we grow as a party. So I will continue in that vein for a couple of years and then we’ll decide.

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