Published On: Sat, Feb 9th, 2013

Rand Paul lays out his thoughts on immigration reform

With immigration reform being one of the  “hot button” issues in the 113th Congress and with the White House, opinions about the sometimes touchy topic are a plenty.

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YouTube Screen Shot

In his new column in the Washington Times Friday, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul laid out his own thoughts about immigration reform, which are based on the premise, “trust but verify”.

Paul, who is for immigration reform; however, he says that he and conservatives were fooled once with other immigration reform deals that promised border security, citing the 1986 Reagan deal.

Paul says in his plan he would, “advance both immigration reform and verifiable border security.”

Prioritizing STEM Visas would be an immediate action in Paul’s plan.

“It is absolutely essential that we both secure our border and modernize our visa system so we know who comes and who goes on travel, student and other temporary visas. And it is vital all other reforms be conditioned on this goal being met”, according to Paul.

As border security measures are bolstered, whether it be deportation of criminals, increased border guards or other technologies like drones, other reforms could be implemented, but only if the border security is verified in place and working.

After proper border security is in place, the Senator says, “then I would normalize the status of the 11 million undocumented citizens so they can join the workforce and pay taxes.  I would normalize them at a rate of about 2 million per year.   I would start with Dream Act kids, children brought here illegally as minors.  Normalization would get them a temporary Visa but would not put them ahead of anyone already waiting to enter the country.  These undocumented persons would now be documented but they would still have to wait in line like everyone else. But their path to permanent legal status would be no faster than those currently waiting in line.”

In his inaugural WT op-ed, Paul also gives his thoughts and plans on taxation and fines.

He closes by saying, ” I will not repeat the mistakes of the past when vague promises were made and not kept. Would I hope that when they become citizens, these new immigrants will remember Republicans who made this happen?  Yes.  But my support for immigration reform comes not from political expediency but because it’s the right thing to do.”

Read the op-ed in its entirety here.

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