Published On: Mon, Mar 7th, 2011

Rachel Nichols talks ‘Conan the Barbarian’ reboot and catfight

During an interview with the NY POST “GI Joe” and “Criminal Minds” star Rachel Nichols discusses the reboot of “Conan the Barbarian”

PW: Well at least you’ll be well-represented this summer blockbuster season with “Conan the Barbarian.” Do you consider if a reboot?
Rachel: I’m so excited about that. And yea, I think it’s a reboot, but more than that it’s a totally fun, flashy ride.

PW: Pictures of Jason Momoa as Conan make it look like he’s a wall.
Rachel: Yea, he’s a large individual. I’m just shy of 5’ 10” and I still felt dwarfed by him. My dad is 6’ 6” but Jason is massive – which was nice because you could go anywhere with him and no one would screw with you, which is helpful since we were filming in Bulgaria [laughs].

PW: And Rose McGowan plays your nemesis in it, right?
Rachel: Yes, she’s Marique — the bad girl to my good girl. We have a fight scene and she is after my blood. Let me tell you, her make-up is unreal. I mean, Rose is barely recognizable under all these prosthetics. It’s quite cool.

PW: Hmm, you’ve already committed one of the better girlfights to film with Sienna in the first “G.I. Joe,” how does this one stack up?
Rachel: [laughs] I should probably say the savvy thing — that “Conan” is better … but it’s not. I’m so sorry! Sienna and I had the dopest chick fight ever. Mine with Rose is much shorter. I mean, Baroness & Scarlet fought on elevators! I think that is going to be my favorite scene ever … until we make them give us a better one in “G.I. Joe 2!”

PW: It’s a pretty hard act to follow!
Rachel: Well, I need to win! I was complaining that the good girl gets her butt kicked, but the [producers] kept telling me – “in the sequel, you win!” I think it could just be “G.I. Joe 2: Scarlett vs. Baroness.” That’s all it’ll be, just the two of us fighting.

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