Published On: Tue, Dec 31st, 2019

Rachael Prescott recounts abortionists pressuring her to kill her Down Syndrome twins

Rachael Prescott recounted her experience with her twin Down Syndrome babies and how her doctors urged her to abort them six times.

“At my first prenatal appointment at around eight weeks, six specialists took turns reviewing the scans and presenting the same results,” Prescott said, according to the Daily Mail. “We sat through similar spiels from each, mystified at their concerns over whether our girls may have Down syndrome, when they without a doubt, did have serious heart defects. Information on navigating their cardiac situation was dwarfed by the push for genetic testing and possible means of abortion. I wanted to explain how far I was from desiring to end my pregnancy, but at that moment I could only sit in silence.”

Prescott, 39, from Monmouth, Oregon, said during her pregnancy with twin girls Charlotte and Annette was ripe with hard decisions, refusing additional testing and facing increased negativity.

“We came to grips with congenital heart disease and when they were born, we celebrated the news of a confirmed diagnosis of Down syndrome,” Prescott said, explaining that they were lucky to not immediately need surgery.

“We were so grateful and relieved. Those surrounding us however, approached the topic of Down syndrome with timidity. It was assumed that we were grieving but we quickly assured them of the lack of sadness or grief in our hearts concerning our beautiful, breathing, moving, hearts beating, baby girls, and their extra chromosomes. After the girls were born, we excitedly dove into all things Down syndrome.”

Rachael Prescott

Rachael and her husband, Cody, 32, couldn’t believe the push back from others.

“[I] read book after book on Down syndrome and I was increasingly saddened to find myself slammed into chapter upon negative chapter of advice regarding grieving, social and family tolls and every probable medical complication under the sun,” she said. “I realised even within our rapidly progressing society, human rights for people with Down syndrome are primitive at best and medical professionals connect social prejudices to Down syndrome so it presents as a negative occurrence to parents.”

Now the babies are doing great.

“Our girls teeter around, taking their own steps, giggling and exploring every inch of our living room,” she shared. “They love to play with their big brothers and love their fluffy dog, Max. They have begun the typical sister squabbles over toys and sippy cups, yet snuggle up together in their shared crib each night in complete love.”

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