Published On: Tue, Oct 25th, 2016

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Switching Cell Phone Provider

Whether you’re currently locked into a long-term cell monthly plan with your cell provider, pay month to month, or have another less restrictive agreement with your carrier, switching services can make a big impact on your everyday life. Going with a different cell phone provider can help to increase download and upload speeds as well as give you access to better connection service areas. It can also cost you a great deal of money to unlock your phone so that it can be used with another cell phone provider.

Before making a change to your cell phone service, you need to analyze each and every factor that affects your services now, and then look at how these factors would contrast if you made the switch. After determining which aspects of your service plan matter to you most, deciding if you should change cell phone carriers and which company you should go with will be perfectly clear.

How Much Monthly Data Can I Expect to Get?

Now that cell phone providers are charging their customers premium prices for faster internet connections and high prices for data plans, you really have to be careful about the type of package you choose. Consider the amount of data you now use per month, as well as if you have ever been charged overage fees in the past. Going with a pay as you go company could help you to buy data only as you need it, but be aware that some cell phone providers limit connectivity or slow download speeds when you run out of credit. In the event that you choose another provider based on an unlimited data options, make sure that you read all of the fine print. In short, you can expect the bulk of your cell phone charges to result from your data usage.

photo Oregon Department of Transportation

photo Oregon Department of Transportation

Will There Be Any Changes to My Texting or Voice Plan?

Although plenty of people use their phones to play games, surf the web and read up on current events, there are those that still use cell phones to communicate. Unlimited text and talk plans are becoming the norm, unless you are planning to pay as you go. If you choose to switch cell phone providers, you will probably need to sign a binding agreement that will require you to keep your services for several years. Early termination fees may be applicable if you choose to cancel your plan. Actually, you may pay need to pay your current provider a sizable early termination if you sign up with a different company.

How Many Devices Will I Be Able to Add On?

A lot of people own tablets, laptop computers and other web based devices that they use in junction with their mobile phones. Having the ability to put extra devices on cell phone plans is a major draw to lots of consumers. Consider how easy it will be for you to add multiple devices on a single mobile carrier plan, as well as take note of any application restrictions. It may cost you money to add more devices if you switch plans, and you may even need to add individual additional accounts.

Will The Total Amount I Pay Change?

Most people switch phone providers to save on the amount of money they’re charged. Sometimes more freedom and flexibility is a factor, such as for those who enjoy pay as you go options. In any case, you have to really look at how much you’re going to pay for cell phone service, then consider if switching services is going to be worth it in the end. If you can’t save money, or get better features there’s no reason to go through the inconvenience of changing services. Between cancellation fees, interruptions of service, potentially changing numbers and having to set-up each of your devices, going with a new cell phone provider is a lot of work.

Make sure that you have a bunch of good reasons to change cell phone providers prior to signing a new contract or choosing to unlock your phone for a pay as you go SIM. Sometimes promotions and introductory rate discounts entice consumers into making the switch, only to lead to the later realization that going with a different company wasn’t a great choice after all. Think about whether you want to upgrade cell phones in the near future, or if you plan on getting any new devices you might want to add onto your current plan. Consumers that have multiple lines under a single account also need to be concerned about whether their choices are going to have an impact on their loved ones. Weigh your options closely before you go with a different cell phone carrier.

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