Published On: Tue, Sep 14th, 2021

Quenching Your Thirst Like Never Before

Quenching your thirst seems pretty straightforward, right? Just grab something to drink and you are all set. But there’s nothing really satisfying about just grabbing any old thing to drink. You want to quench your thirst with something satisfying and delicious that will make you feel something you don’t normally feel.

That can happen in a number of ways. Then again, there is nothing quite like having a delicious beer to quench that thirst. The freezing cold of a bottle or mug, the bubbles shooting to the top of the container, the vibrant colour. Just looking at it can be enough to quench any thirst.

photo D. Sharon Pruitt from Hill Air Force Base, Utah, USA

But there is a lot that goes into a quality beer, one that is good enough to fully quench that thirst. Those qualities are what set the great beers apart from the decent ones.

Hitting All the Right Marks

Finding a great NZ beer entails a lot of things. Besides, finding the perfect beer means checking off a few important boxes. There are many beers out there but only a few have the capability of truly hitting the spot in the right way.

Smoothness is crucial. A great beer has to go down easy. Whenever that smoothness is missing, it is noted. The taste may be there but unless it goes down effortlessly, it will stand out enough to be noticed.

Speaking of taste, there needs to be less of that bitterness that beer naturally has. When a beer is too bitter, it leaves us making that undesirable face instead of enjoying the experience. No one wants to make that face.

Feeling the Anticipation

The mark of a truly great beer is that it will provide some sense of anticipation. Maybe after a long day of hard work, you head home and there is nothing quite like your favourite beer to hit the spot. The perfect mixture of malt, yeast, hops, and fresh ingredients can provide an experience like no other.

A quality manufacturer will hit all of those marks. When their concoction reaches the perfect temperature, there will be no more refreshing thing in the world than that beer. That is the mark of a truly great beer.

Don’t settle for anything less. When looking for a truly refreshing beer, make sure that it checks all those boxes. Then, and only then, will you really understand what quenching a thirst is like.

Author: Sophie Fenns

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