Published On: Tue, May 20th, 2003

‘Punisher’ movie, comic books, ‘Spawn #1’ and Top Cult Movies

With the announcement of the “Punisher” coming to Tampa, I wanted to discuss Punisher #1 and Punisher War Journal #1: key back issues. These two comics were seriously hot commodities ten to fifteen years ago ($20-$50 market price) but have since fallen to obscurity.

Punisher comic book #1 MarvelIf fact, you may catch some collectors who will be elated to take get a dollar for these comics (Wizard list price is $5) There were in my garage sale box. Thomas Jane, John Travolta – a worthwhile cast don’t necessarily mean a worthwhile movie.

A superior movie doesn’t always translate into collector interest. So, on the heals of the big “Punisher” announcement: will Punisher comics become nostalgia or stay in the garage sale bin?

Time will tell.

 So it begins. Hulk: Grey will feature the red-hot Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale. Hulk: Nightmerica, a six-part mini-series, will present new characters and a top secret new villain. An exclusive Alex Ross cover (variant) will be available at the convention in Philadelphia – more info at www.wizarduniverse.com. More next week.

Batman 608-612 (and beyond) is a still super hot commodity. Wizard claims it the first time a DC Title has nailed down the number one list three months in a row. BEWARE: there are now multiple printings of these issues.

$700 for Spawn #1: Yep. A perfect pristine copy of Spawn #1 – that’s CGC 10.0 – was listed at $699.99. What an abomination.

Mainstream news has now picked up the story involving a lawsuit involving in-line skating magazine Rejects. The April issue included a free DVD, but 10% of the distribution was mixed up with “Hard Hat Pigs”. A young boy viewed the pornographic material after purchasing the magazine at a Barnes & Noble. So much for those little plastic visors blocking the covers of Vanity Fair and Cosmo “protecting” my children from “inappropriate material”.

This week’s Entertainment Weekly lists their Top 50 Cult Movies. I wonder how they define “Cult”?

Successfully placing “Rocky Horror”, “This Is Spinal Tap”, “Eraserhead”, “Freaks”, “Chainsaw”, “Harold and Maude” and others – what is “Scarface” and “The Shawshank Redemption” doing on the list? Lastly, I was unaware of the “Office Space” frenzy that is embedded in our society. I guess I don’t know cult – at least not EW’s “cult”.


To Andy Lalino’s anti-Pixar disdain, my kids have the countdown to “Finding Nemo” release on May 30.

This is encouraged by my animal loving anti-“Matrix” wife as they now quote the trailer: “First we were like ‘whoa’, then we were like ‘whoa’, then ‘whooooaaa.’” I’m losing my mind.

Bruce Jones on Hulk and Garth Ennis’ Punisher – the reason these characters make it to the big screen.

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