Published On: Sun, Feb 19th, 2017

Protesters perpetuated misguided fear and hated during Trump protest in Los Angeles

Nothing about the Trump administration has stoked more controversy than his immigration and border security executive order. Saturday 2,500 protesters rallied at the park across from the Los Angeles City Hall with strange and unfounded fears.

“I will not have my students afraid to come to school,” said a woman identified as Yolanda, a “teacher of 25 years” in the CBS coverage. “I am child of immigrants. We are all immigrants.”

The reporter didn’t seem to counter Yolanda’s remarks on legal versus illegal immigration or ask which part of President Trump’s executive order would make these “students afraid.”

New TIME Magazine covers features Illegal Immigration Photo/TIME

“As an educator, I have to teach my students on what the hell is going on,” the woman stated at the podium.

The biased CBS report described the crowd as an “ethnic sea of people” (2,500 as mentioned in their first paragraph) and noted some signs stated: “Braceros fed this County” and “Immigrant not by choice, but necessity. I have a dream.”

The border security enhancements in the Trump order don’t involve deportation of Dreamers, but only violent immigrants. While ICE must follow other laws, Yolanda didn’t speak to who is at risk or what it is she needs to “educate her students on.”

While there is nothing confirmed at this rally, CBS notes that “Organizers of the anti-Trump rally included several labor and immigrant rights groups,” but didn’t mention any by name.

Many reports, even the New York Times have detailed the money from George Soros going to many of these leftists groups creating chaos, including the UC Berkeley protest of Milo Yiannopoulos.

COMMENTARY: While the article noted there was 25 Trump supporters counter-protesting, the problem is a lack of journalism, clarifying questions. Yolanda is just perpetuating unhealthy fear of a rule that does NOT exist.

If students are afraid, it is because of misinformation and nonsense spewed by leftist teachers and the media. The Trump hysteria is keeping us from true fixed to make citizenship easier, faster and cheaper. The anti-Trump paid protesters are rabble rousing the mobs to make this seem like the normal response and IT IS NOT and SHOULD NOT BE.

Sadly California is mostly a leftist echo chamber, drowning out any who even wants to have a civil conversation. This is just another example.

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  1. Lola says:

    An applicable quote from "the Truth", by Terry Pratchett:"My motives, as ever, are entirely tr&tgparent.aquon;Hushnon reflected that 'entirely transparent' meant either that you could see right through them or that you couldn't see them at all. ~~~~Side note, I'm a contractor overseas (Kuwait), but I generally live in Tulsa. Your blog makes me miss Oklahoma weather.

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