Published On: Mon, Jul 31st, 2017

Protecting Your Small Business From Personal Injury Lawsuits

We’ve all heard stories of people filing lawsuits against businesses. Almost every day in the U.S., a business is sued for one reason or another. Whether you’re a new online startup or an established store operating in different locations, every business is at risk of lawsuits from workers or customers.  

From slips and falls caused by lack of duty of care, bodily injury caused by unsafe working conditions, product liability suits to personal injury caused by negligence, there are many risks that could easily cost your business a lot of money and even result in bankruptcy. Here, you’ll learn how you can protect your small business from personal injury lawsuits.

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Understand Specific Personal Injury Lawsuits

Business owners must be aware of the potential personal injury lawsuits they could face. These lawsuits result from accidents that take place in your business’s property. For instance, a customer may slip and fall in your store’s parking lot and sue you for injuries caused, or a warehouse worker may be injured due to the lack of safety equipment and blame you.

Your business must provide a safe environment for workers as well as customers. Understanding the specific personal injury lawsuits that you could face as a small business will help you take the necessary measures required to avoid them.   

Get an Experienced Attorney in Advance

The number one priority for every business owner should be protecting their business. An injury lawsuit could lead to business closure and unexpected stress for you and your workers. Before you’re faced with a lawsuit, find and retain a personal injury lawyer. Just like a disgruntled customer or worker will hire a lawyer to represent them, you’ll also need one.

Find a lawyer who can defend your business effectively. Having the right lawyer can make all the difference in an injury case, so it’s pertinent that you choose one that specializes in defending businesses like yours. Find such a personal injury attorney in Waco, TX has a variety to choose from, and make sure you do your research and hire the one with best professional background.  

Inspect Your Business Premises Regularly

Every business is prone to safety issues, no matter how careful you are. Things can easily go wrong at any time. Your roof could start leaking after a storm. Leaks could result in wet floors. A slippery fall could potentially lead to fatal injuries, and your workers or customers will not be expecting it. That’s why regular property inspections are highly recommended.

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Check your business premises including working stations and equipment to identify any potential safety hazards. You should also ensure that safety procedures are being followed. A legal expert from Forbes Legal Council notes that risk management and compliance with state and federal laws are critical in ensuring safety for everyone. Work with your lawyer to determine areas that pose the biggest risk.

Get Liability Insurance

Small Business Trends, an online resource for small business owners notes that over 100 million lawsuits are filed each year in the U.S. costing business owners more than $91, 000.The threat is real. Liability insurance is a must-have for every business. It protects your small business against personal injury lawsuits as well as other risks like bodily injury, property damage, false advertising and slander.

In the event of an injury lawsuit, liability insurance can help your business offset significant debt or losses. Consult your lawyer on liability insurance options to protect your financial assets and personal wealth from lawsuits.

Be a Responsible Business Owner

Create an effective plan to control hazards in your business environment, inspect your business premises, train your employees, follow-up and investigate incidents, keep records and make safety a key part of your day-to-day business operations.

Author: Shawn Barton

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