Published On: Fri, Dec 27th, 2019

Pros and cons of having a second passport

There are many things in life that doesn’t make much of a difference, having two phones or even two cars – it might afford you a little bit more convenience, such as having a backup but with a second citizenship or a second passport, it will open doors to things you to many things you probably never even thought of. However, there are also certain disadvantages too. 

Pro: Traveling is easier

Depending on what passports you hold, whether you have a Dominica second passport or an Argentinean one, it will open you up to different countries that allow you to visit visa-free. Furthermore, you will be able to stay long term in two locations in the world. Instead of holing up in a hotel room, you can invest in a property that can serve as an AirBnb when you are in the other country – especially if you spend a substantial amount of time in both countries. Not only does this make traveling much more convenient, you are also able to earn a little extra on the side. 

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Con: The regulations are different for each country

Of course, certain countries restrict you from purchasing land or property in order to protect their economy. Furthermore, you will be bound by laws from both countries. Therefore, if there is mandatory national military service in both countries, you will be forced to serve twice. Aside from being bound by the law in both countries, you will also have to pay double the tax regardless of where you spend more time

Pro: You have double the benefits

While you have to pay tax twice, you are also eligible to two healthcare providers and education systems. You won’t need a working visa in either country and you can experience two different cultures. With proper planning, you might be able to get free dental in one country and free education in another. It all boils down to research which brings us to the next con.

Con: It’s a lot of paperwork

And it can get expensive and complicated. Certain governments do not allow you to contact them directly for the second citizenship and you will have to go about it by contacting a migration company instead. Furthermore, you have to get your finances, medical records and criminal history (or lack thereof) in order, along with other documents. Lastly, certain governments might reject your application and without any reason or you will spend years and thousands of dollars on the application only to find that you are not eligible. 

There might also be some social complications, such as which passport would your child have or what culture you might identify best with, leading to heavy topics that are not what you’re interested in getting into. However, the trend of having two passports is seeing a spike in recent years and who knows, maybe in another generation of two, borders will begin to dissolve as the world becomes a united multicultural society.

Author: Ulyati Jaya

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