Published On: Tue, Jan 3rd, 2017

Profitable Business Ideas You Can Start In 2017

France, also known as French Republican, is climbing the stairs of success faster than any other country recently. According to the 2016’s Doing Business ranking of World Bank, France now ranks ahead of Japan, Netherlands, Italy, and China. The report of World Bank has confirmed France’s progress this past year and reinforced the appeal of the business environment in France. With that in mind and the fact that France is not only a multi-cultural country in Europe, but also one of the economy powers of the world, the idea of doing business in France has attracted a lot of business men.

Tourism and Travel Business

If France is known for one thing around the whole world, it’s Eiffel tower. Paris is the most popular and visited tourist center in the world, so where else would your travel or tourism agency succeed, if not there, right? You can either start a big business or a small one depending upon how much capital you have. If you want to start big, your agency should be able to offer logistics too along with guiding the tourists.

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Cultural Shop

When people come to France, they take souvenirs. France is a place where people dream to visit and taking back gifts and souvenirs never gets old. Not many people are aware of this, but African gift shop is a very profitable business in France. A lot of people belong to African culture and take pride in their heritage, which provides a stable ground for doing business in France.

Cab Business

Since France is a famous country for tourism, the business of cabs is surely in. Not only for the tourists, it also works for the residents since not everyone can afford a car. If you’re looking forward to starting the business in Paris, it’s even better. All you require is to get yourself registered with local authority and get a permit to start the cab business. You can just start with one cab, and expand it from there.

Restaurants and Bars

Culinary service is yet another profitable and popular field for doing business in France. You can offer both local and international cuisines, however local cuisines are more likely to provide more profit because the tourists prefer to try out the local food. A restaurant or bar in Paris, Monaco, Nantes, Lyon, etc. is sure to be a success as long as you make sure that it is positioned in a good area and your menu suits the community where the restaurant is located.

Interior Decoration

France and Italy are known for producing the finest of the designs and decorations. So, if you are interested in this business, then France is one place in the world that can offer you the best platform. France is known for its top-notch interior decoration industry and especially famous among the tourists. So, doing business in France promises to offer success.

Jewelry and Accessories

It is a costly business but if you have the capital, then go for it. Many tourists like to take jewelry souvenirs and nothing attracts a woman more than jewelry and accessories do. The economy of France is very stable, so you can easily get your legal tender back.

Author: Brandon King

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