Published On: Tue, Jul 16th, 2019

Profit and Protect: The Challenges for Businesses to Meet the Global Call on Climate Justice

Businesses have to take part in the global call to protect the environment against the impact of climate change. Since they have made a significant contribution to the plundering and depletion of natural resources and the resulting effects on nature, it is now time to balance the scale of profiting from business and protecting the environment as well. Although this can mean a significant shift in the business strategy in long-term goals, the jumpstart to change should be made now, to give the justice that businesses owe to the environment.

Redefining the mission of a business

To ensure that an environment-friendly shift will be manifested in every tract of the company, redefining its purpose is the first step. The orientations, processes, and creation of products should be patterned on this mission. It will serve as the long-term guide for a business to meet environmental protection standards that cannot be overturned to accommodate their interest in profit.

Compliance with laws and policies

Strict compliance with laws and policies is another responsibility that businesses must observe. It may be harsh and rigid, but that is the purpose of creating such measures – to give the environment a fair chance while they profit from it. But understanding the reasons behind the impositions of such laws is better than simply complying with them. They are a reminder of the corporate responsibilities that must be carried out to complement the general goal of lessening the impact of climate change. 

photo/ Joel Duncan

Exploring alternative solutions

Solutions can be found everywhere in the form of natural sources and technological innovations that can meet the requirements of an environment-friendly business shift. This strategy may be costly for a business which is why it is essential to choose solutions that are sustainable and cost-efficient. Furthermore, it is not hard to imagine how to source alternatives since every stakeholder is obliged to do the same, which will harmonise the supply and demand market based on environmental protection objectives.

Encouraging environment-friendly initiatives

Aside from the significant adjustment made in favour of the call for climate justice, supporting other environment-friendly efforts is also something to consider. In particular, supporting other businesses that produce materials to help save natural resources and use natural ways to clean and restore the environment. Also, companies may open partnerships with other companies who can provide a safe yet efficient way to promote a cleaner environment, as CityAirTech.com does. In this way, a friendly relationship may be established not only with the environment but also with other businesses as well.

Assessing the impact of the green shift on profit

Evaluating the effects of the green shift on making profits is vital to see what aspects should be improved or further developed. If a business does not get any advantage in the initial period specified, a readjustment of the strategy and timetable could be made in order to consider the readiness of both the company and its market for further changes.

Meeting the global demand for climate justice is not hard to achieve since everyone will benefit from it, including the business sector.

Author: Oliver Samson

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