Published On: Fri, Jul 29th, 2016

‘Pro-Trump’ Alexander Dugin three years later: globalization, stop the ‘hegemony’ of the West

In light of recent events in Libya, what are your personal views on Gaddafi?

Bashar al-Assad under pressure April 2011 cartoon by Carlos Latuff via wikimedia commons

Bashar al-Assad under pressure April 2011 cartoon by Carlos Latuff via wikimedia commons

President Medvedev committed a real crime against Gaddafi and helped to initiate a chain of interventions in the Arab world. It was a real crime committed by our President. His hands are bloodied. He is a collaborator with the West. The crime of murdering Gaddafi was partly his responsibility. We Eurasianists defended Gaddafi, not because we were fans or supporters of him or his Green Book, but because it was a matter of principles.

Behind the insurgency in Libya was Western hegemony, and it imposed bloody chaos. When Gaddafi fell, Western hegemony grew stronger.

It was our defeat.

But not the final one.

This war has many episodes.

We lost the battle, but not the war.

And perhaps something different will emerge in Libya, because the situation is quite unstable. For example, the Iraq War actually strengthened Iran’s influence in the region, contrary to the designs of the Western hegemonists.

Given the situation in Syria at present, the scenario is repeating itself. However, the situation, with Putin returning to power, is much better. At least he is consistent in his support for President al-Assad. Perhaps this will not be enough to stop Western intervention in Syria. I suggest that Russia assist our ally more effectively by supplying weapons, financing, and so forth. The fall of Libya was a defeat for Russia.

The fall of Syria will be yet another failure.



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