Published On: Sun, Jun 21st, 2015

Pro-abortionists Amanda Williams, Amy Hagstrom Miller on ‘shift’ of abortion stigma

In Texas two abortion supporters are working to normalize the abortion procedure to align with the impression of standard women’s care. The goal is to shift focus from who is being “extinguished” to “who decides” to eliminate the child; or shifting the discussion from the unborn child’s ability to experience pain to almost hygienically “removing fetal tissue.”

“Whole Woman’s Health has always been involved in the advocacy and education realm, with a really strong commitment to having open and honest conversations about abortion in the context of the wider range of reproductive rights and justice issues and a human rights framework. People don’t just experience abortion as a medical procedure. And they don’t just experience it as a civil right, either,” Miller says in a new interview with RH Reality Check.

Abortion should be a normal part of medical treatment.

“I always fantasize: What would it look like if abortion care were treated as legitimate in women’s health care, just like miscarriage management or delivery? There would be no question that abortion is covered by insurance or Medicaid. We’d have standards of care that aren’t targeted in a negative way, but in positive ways. There wouldn’t be stigma, so that you could talk about it openly and honestly. We could reframe the notion that there’s only one kind of woman who has an abortion, or that abortion isn’t a normal part of a medical history. That’s our goal: To say everything is normal, everything is funded, everything is talked about.”

photo Portraitlady4306

photo Portraitlady4306

Miller and Williams describe discussing all of the equipment their patients, putting the man on the table – “normalizing” the equipment.

“…your ignorance about the procedure is a product of stigma. You can actually see that connection. That’s what’s powerful for me. Those shocked faces. This is stigma!” Williams says after discussing the “sucking machine” with the parents.

“…and this is my whole life’s work of turning lemons into lemonade. I have, as it turns out, a bunch of suction machines I don’t know what to do with. So if they can become used for show and tell? Awesome. I have all these nitrous oxide mixers. Are we going to throw them away? Or I can use them. So that’s part of this space. It’s part of a reclaiming,” Miller adds to RH.

Miller says the Texas regulations as a chance for “Giant” clinics to be the providers and offer “quality abortions”:

“We don’t want the byproduct of these regulations to be that there’s only giant providers who can raise money to build ambulatory surgical clinics and that’s all we have. That’s what happens when you have high regulation on abortion care. You have people who, in order to comply with the law, have to be giant. You can look at other “industries” and you can totally see that. They’re doing away with the mom-and-pop businesses in the same way. Barnes and Noble. Walgreens.”

Check out the full interview here

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