Published On: Thu, Nov 3rd, 2022

Prevent Ticks from Giving Your Pets Lyme Disease

Helpful Hints for Pet Safety

A Dangerous Pest 

Ticks are renown for their ability to pass on Lyme disease to those who are bitten by them. Pets are especially subjected to this form of the disease since it is difficult to see ticks at first, due to their fur. With a record number of ticks seen last year, and with the number continuing to climb this year, it’s even more crucial that you take the following steps to protect your pet from ticks. 

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1. Avoid Known Tick Areas 

One of the best ways to keep practice quality pet care and prevent your pet from acquiring Lyme disease brought on by a tick bite is simply preventing their likelihood of encountering ticks at all. These little pests enjoy hanging out on tall grass. There, they wait until either an animal or human walks by and brushes up against the tall grass. They’re able to quickly attach themselves to the skin and begin feeding. As such, it’s crucial that you keep your lawn well cut to ward off ticks from expanding to your lawn. You may also want to apply pesticides to further kill off any potential pests that may be lurking there. 

Because ticks can easily hop off from one host to the next, you’ll want to make sure that any wild animals are also kept away from your healthy pet. You can do this by installing a fence or making sure there isn’t any food left outside that an animal might want to peruse. Finally, performing a regular tick check whenever your pet comes inside can be a quick way to make sure that they’re safe. 

2. Home Repellent 

There are a few home remedies that some pet owners have used to further reduce the potential of ticks attaching to their pets. One is to feed their pet garlic. However, certain large doses of garlic can actually harm the pet, so this should only be done with the vet’s instruction in hand. Another option is a lemon spray. By taking lemons and mixing it with boiling water, you then let it steep overnight and spray your infected pet with it, owners believe that it has reduced the risk of picking up ticks. 

3. Chemicals 

There are also topical and oral medications that your veterinarian can offer you to keep your pet safe. Certain shampoos are another method that may prove useful in warding off ticks. There are also collars and powders that you can use, but be careful, as some pets do have an allergy. Essentially, by speaking with your vet, you can ascertain the best method of keeping your beloved pet safe outside. Whether you combine a few of these tips or simply follow your vet’s advice, you can keep your pet safe and happy.

Author: Chad Brown
Bio – Mr. Brown has worked in the new home construction marketplace for over 30 years both as a contractor and project manager.

photo/ Alexandr Ivanov

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