Published On: Fri, Oct 6th, 2017

President Trump ends Obamacare birth control mandate, #HandsofmyBC trends on Twitter

The Trump administration announced today a sweeping rollback of Obamacare’s birth control coverage mandate, allowing any employer to claim a religious or moral objection the unconstitutional mandate. The new policies, which take effect immediately, ignite outrage and praise and pushed the hashtag #HandsofmyBC to the top of Twitter.

The requirement to provide FDA-approved contraception at no cost was long opposed by religious groups that heavily favored Trump, and has been wrapped up in litigation for more than five years. (e.g.: Liberty UniversityMarch for Life)


Planned Parenthood’s condom turkey to “education” students on safe sex

“The United States has a long history of providing conscience protections in the regulation of health care for entities and individuals with objections based on religious beliefs or moral convictions,” the administration wrote in new rules.

The American Civil Liberties Union said it will file a lawsuit on Friday to block the long-anticipated rules from the Trump administration, and California Attorney General Xavier Becerra also announced plans to sue.

Women’s health groups for months have been preparing lawsuits against the new policies, which they say will enable employers to deny their workers access to needed care.

The Trump administration said it was acting to protect individuals and groups from being forced to violate their religious beliefs as it downplayed concerns that more women would struggle to afford birth control.

“There is no way to know how many women will be affected,” said Alina Salganicoff, director of women’s health policy at the Kaiser Family Foundation, which is a nonprofit that focuses on health policy research and communications, funding by mostly Democrats and leftists.
“HHS leaders under the current administration are focused on turning back the clock on women’s health,” Dr. Haywood L. Brown, president of the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, said in a statement. “Reducing access to contraceptive coverage threatens to reverse the tremendous progress our nation has made in recent years in lowering the unintended pregnancy rate.”
Some great comments on Twitter:
Not Elizabeth (@NotElizabeth88): “Feminists: I want the government to stay out of my uterus! Also Feminists: “I want the government to pay for my birth control”
Ed Krassenstein (@EdKrassen): “Dear GOP, you can’t complain about single moms who are getting checks from the government for each kid they have if you aren’t going to allow them to control the number of children they have through birth control. All the while men everywhere can get free Viagra”
Kimberly Ross (@SouthernKeeks): No, sweeties. No one is controlling your sexuality. They’re just asking that you fund your own uterus. Empowerment!
PolitiDiva (@realPolitiDiva): “If you are grown enough to have sex, you’re grown enough to pay for it”
That girl Marcy (@marcybelle424): “Why is birth control more regulated than weapons?”
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  1. Just a kid says:

    You wont read this, you won’t even think about it, But i do have something to say. Why? Why must you take away something that we need. Yet you give men Viagra and condoms for free, but when a women wants birth control she has to go through the CIA. Its my uterus, and if i don’t want kids, but still wanna have sex, than i can. And if i get pregnant and i don’t want to keep it, than i can have it aborted. Its my right as a human. Its my right to not wanna share my body with someone. Its my right to have some birth control to regulate my period. Funny thing is, its a bunch of men trying to get rid of it, like they know what it does. I’m going to finish my schoolwork and hopefully a change will happen when i graduate.

    • Brandon Jones says:

      You have right to life and a right to NOT wanna share your body – no one disputes that. You don’t have a right to make someone else pay for your birth control anymore than someone should pay for your cough meds or angioplasty. Now, as a society we can and have agreed to help those who are poor among us with a Medicaid benefit. That doesn’t mean we should pay for EVERYTHING and frankly, if you can afford the risks of sex, then you should afford the birth and disease control methods to protect your body.

      It’s a very sexist statement to say “its a bunch of men trying to get rid of it, like they know what it does” because it presume you have some unique insight as woman to even have an opinion or a vote. That’s an awful and incorrect perspective. Men have interest in how their wives, families and the women of society behave just as much as you do. Moreover, who are you to decide what every woman wants.

      The point of the discussion is federal funding and forcing employers to involve themselves with birth control, abortions etc… you have NO RIGHT to use the force of the government to give you leverage over others and their rights.

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