Published On: Sat, Jul 27th, 2019

Pregnant teen Naomi Rosado shares pro-life story, being beaten, shot by Charles Tenpenny, having son Landyn

When she was just seventeen, Naomi Rosado moved out of her home to live with her boyfriend, Charles Tenpenny. Her relationship turned violent when she refused to abort the couple’s baby. Tenpenny beat and shot Naomi in the face.

Rosado considers her son Landyn, now around eight months old, to be a miracle, planning to go into schools to talk to other teens about domestic violence.

Baby Landyn

“Landyn is such a perfect, happy baby,” she said. “I’m so thankful I’ve been given a second chance and I’m seizing it with both hands.”

In January 2018 Tenpenny declared himself Rosado’s boyfriend, she said, though she’d never consented to this.

“Deep down, I was terrified of the guy,” she said. “He would ply me with booze so he could have his way with me and, although he could be very kind, I knew what a nasty piece of work he really was.”

Naomi was fearful of going home to live with her mother, Robin.

“This was one of the biggest mistakes I’ve ever made in my life,” she confessed during an extensive with The Sun.

Alcohol abuse and violence was already brewing when she confessed to Charles that she was pregnant.

“He erupted in fury, saying, ‘If you are, you are going to get rid of it! You would be an awful mother!’”

“I cried,” Rosado recounted. “I knew it was no use, so I put the pregnancy to the back of my head as if it wasn’t real. It was easier that way.”

A couple of months later, during the summer, Rosado realized she could not ignore the pregnancy any longer. When she had bad stomach pains and difficulty standing, a friend rushed her to hospital.

“While I was there, the doctors did an ultrasound scan,” she recalled. “‘There’s definitely a baby in there,’ the doctor told me.”

“When she said I was expecting a boy, I burst out crying,” said Rosado. “I was thrilled, even though it was Charles’ baby.”

At first, Naomi says Charles seemed excited, particularly that it was a boy and the news was met with open arms from her welcoming mother.

Later, Rosado heard that Tenpenny was telling people the baby wasn’t his, and she confronted him about it.

“Enraged, he hit me in the head with the barrel of a gun – knocking me out,” she said.

When she came-to the next morning, angry, she screamed at him, asking, “Why did you knock me out last night? Why would you want to hurt me like that?”

Tenpenny replied yelling that she’d cheated on him and that she wasn’t keeping the house clean.

Rosado said she began crying and realized she had to get out.

“I was sitting on the sofa as he walked towards me, holding the same gun he used to knock me out the night before,” she said. “Charles please don’t,” I cried. “Think about the baby!”

“As the words left my mouth, he shot me at point blank range in my left eye,” Rosado said. “I fell onto the floor and he left me to bleed for a while, before finally calling the police.”

She says she remembers hearing Tenpenny lie to police about Naomi breaking into the house, but her struggles in the hospital were just beginning. Being held in an induced coma, Naomi still had the bullet in her head.

She said she has memories from this time, and felt terrified whenever Tenpenny was in the room.

“Sitting with me, he would whisper in my ear:’“If you tell anyone what I did, I will hurt your mum worse than I’ve hurt you,’” she stated. “‘And I will make sure she stays alive so you can see the damage you have done.’”

Rosado said her mother noticed her heart rate monitor would go up markedly whenever Tenpenny spoke to her. Her mom told police she feared he was involved, and they agreed, but said they needed additional evidence.

It was after that when Tenpenny would tell Rosado’s grandmother he’d accidentally shot her. Her grandmother didn’t believe him and immediately informed the police, who arrested Tenpenny.

She awoke in August, to have multiple surgeries and be given a prosthetic eye.

“I could have died and I lost my eye, but miraculously my baby was fine,” she said.

“While it was a shock to lose my eye,” she said, “my baby was safe and I was alive and that’s all that mattered to me. I’d been given a second chance.”

Her son Landyn was born via C-section in November 2018.

“As I looked at him, I couldn’t stop crying and my family were all crying with me,” she said. “My miracle baby who could have died just a few months earlier.”

“I felt so much love for my little boy,” she said. “It was overwhelming.”

Rosado faced Tenpenny in court later that month, when he took a plea deal and admitted to shooting her in the face. He was sentenced to 25 years in jail.

Rosado said she is going back to school and plans to reach out to other young people about domestic violence.

“I want them to recognize a bad relationship and know how to get out, because I really didn’t,” Rosado said.

“I’m so thankful that I’m here,” she said. “I feel like I was meant to survive to make a difference.”

A GoFundMe account has been established for Rosado and Landyn.

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